Control drinking with confident problem

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By Zakary   

Apr 01st, 2016 03:14
Control drinking with confident problem

Hi all, i got a client who came to me want to control her drinking problem. she drinks every night, 1 bottle or bottle and half started from dinner until bed time. she actually not addicted, and she doesnt like the taste of alcohol, she feels so bitter, but she used alcohol as a way to relief stress.
Her stress is come from work, but doesnt mean she is not going good. she mentioned that many people in her workplace say she is doing a good job, but every time she finishes something, she will think she can do better or, not confident to what she has done, and sometimes think other people's works are better than hers.
besides, she quit smoking years ago, and get slimmed herself after quit smoking. she told me that when she was in progress in reducing cigarettes, she felt so confident herself that she could quit and finally she did !
i find that she didnt remain herself the confident she had in quit smoking when she has the inner conflict on her work.
I am thinking of using CBT on the first session and aged regression to the point when she was praised by her workmate and the confident she had when quit smoking .
then use parts therapy for the second session
what other suggestion can you guys give to me? many thanks


Apr 01st, 2016 07:15
Re: control drinking with confident problem

Hi Zakary, perhaps you could also teach your client how to use self-hypnosis to manage her stress, instead of using alcohol.


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