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Relaxation /stress script for a group
Hi there. .. I've been asked to do a...
Elaine Hartley  ·  30th Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Panic attack
Hi,sorry if I'm re posting this,I lost my...
Alan  ·  4th Jun, 2016  ·  View Post
Looking for a script
Hi there i've been looking for a script that...
Leanne  ·  3rd Apr, 2016  ·  View Post
Hi All, im new to Hypnosis and after some...
Kellie  ·  15th Jul, 2015  ·  View Post
Hypnotherapy training work related stress
Hello, looking for advice. I am currently...
Grace  ·  13th Oct, 2014  ·  View Post
I have just come into the big wide world of...
Karl Smith  ·  29th Mar, 2013  ·  View Post
I have a client coming for stress and wanted...
Kevin Baker  ·  17th May, 2010  ·  View Post
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