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Client not responding to insomnia scripts
Client complains about a) waking up a bit...
Paolo Maffei  ·  4th Jan, 2021  ·  View Post
10 1
Child - Food Aversion
Hi, I have been asked to assist a 10 year...
Sue Fitzpatrick  ·  16th Dec, 2020  ·  View Post
Child - Food Aversion
Sue Fitzpatrick
16th Dec, 2020
7 -
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).
HI has anyone worked with CRPS and used...
Lai Tattis  ·  12th Nov, 2020  ·  View Post
12 1
Mother’s instinct
Research indicates that If the newborn baby...
Tina  ·  1st Nov, 2020  ·  View Post
Re: Mother’s instinct
Louisa Rowlands
7th Nov, 2020
21 1
Anxious Eater
Hiya I have a client at the moment who has ...
Jennah Crewe  ·  12th Oct, 2020  ·  View Post
Re: Anxious Eater
Colleen Hitchcock
26th Oct, 2020
33 8
I would appreciate a script on Omphalophobia...
Tracy  ·  9th Oct, 2020  ·  View Post
9th Oct, 2020
12 -
Fear of big dogs
Hi, I need a script for a client who is...
Karanna  ·  20th Sep, 2020  ·  View Post
Re: Fear of big dogs
Sue Gray
21st Sep, 2020
15 1
IVF harvesting
HI, does anyone have a script for pre IVF...
Karen Harris  ·  8th Sep, 2020  ·  View Post
IVF harvesting
Karen Harris
8th Sep, 2020
9 -
Bedwetting (5 year old)
Hi I just wondered if anyone had approached...
Deborah Glover  ·  24th Jul, 2020  ·  View Post
Bedwetting (5 year old)
Deborah Glover
24th Jul, 2020
8 -
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