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Weight gain
There are many scripts 're weight loss but...
Dionne  ·  13th Jun, 2017  ·  View Post
I have a client who is debilitated by...
Lynn  ·  10th Jun, 2017  ·  View Post
Fear of Take Off
Hi All I have a potential client who has...
Ade Dennis  ·  18th May, 2017  ·  View Post
Closed doors
Hi I have a 9 year old client who went...
Craig Denny  ·  8th May, 2017  ·  View Post
Closed doors
Hi I have a 9 year old client who went...
Craig Denny  ·  8th May, 2017  ·  View Post
Fear of dogs, child 5yo
Can anyone help me with a script for fear of...
Gerard Van Vught  ·  8th Apr, 2017  ·  View Post
Burn out
Can someone help me with a burn out script?...
Linda  ·  5th Apr, 2017  ·  View Post
Hi All, Has anyone had much success with...
Julie  ·  16th Mar, 2017  ·  View Post
I have a client who is also a Licensed...
Mark Gage, CH, CHt  ·  16th Feb, 2017  ·  View Post
Bathmophobia (my client's fear of looking downwards)
Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me? A...
Deborah Blackburn  ·  9th Feb, 2017  ·  View Post
Addicted to moving house
Hi does anyone have a script for addiction...
Irene Irving  ·  2nd Feb, 2017  ·  View Post
12 year old with severe fear of dogs
Hi. I've been approached by a woman who's 12...
Emily Foster-King  ·  19th Jan, 2017  ·  View Post
Client of 32 years refusing to eat vegetables or fruit.
I have a client, she is 32 years and will...
Lyta Humphris  ·  13th Jan, 2017  ·  View Post
Fear of grass
Hi, I have a client who has a fear of grass....
Dhesni  ·  11th Jan, 2017  ·  View Post
Looking for a script on Travel Sickness (car)
All I can find is a similar request in a...
Sarah Kallend  ·  11th Jan, 2017  ·  View Post
Script for 5 year old who repeatedly licks his lips
I have been contacted by a mum who would...
Emma  ·  2nd Jan, 2017  ·  View Post
Claustrophobic client
I have a client who is having trouble "I'm...
Terence  ·  21st Dec, 2016  ·  View Post
Irriatiable Gut Syndrome Scipt . Anyone advise.
Can anyone recommend a script for...
Samantha Syme-Dey  ·  19th Dec, 2016  ·  View Post
Irrational fear of Asbestos
I have a young client who has an irrational...
Pauline Chadwick  ·  14th Dec, 2016  ·  View Post
Patient 25 ans confronté 6 fois avec la...
Martine  ·  9th Dec, 2016  ·  View Post
Chronic pain script
Dear all, i will be receiving clients...
Zakary Chan  ·  27th Nov, 2016  ·  View Post


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