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Life Between Lives Script
Hello! Would anyone here have (and be...
Sandy Kiaizadeh  ·  28th Jul, 2018  ·  View Post
Inductions and deepeners
I wonder whether consideration has ever been...
Brian  ·  15th Jul, 2018  ·  View Post
I have a client who wants me to read a...
Jacinta  ·  28th Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Anxiety in 10 year old
Hi I have a client due in who is 10 years...
Julie Oakley  ·  28th May, 2018  ·  View Post
Releasing past trauma
Hi I have a client who would like to release...
Joanne Mathers  ·  3rd May, 2018  ·  View Post
Chronic Pain - Request Script that works
Hi I was just wondering if anyone has a...
Joanne Mathers  ·  5th Mar, 2018  ·  View Post
Unsuccesful stop smoking client
Need script for client who has had 4...
Nessa  ·  19th Feb, 2018  ·  View Post
Wad hoping that you could help me with a...
Hoang Oanh Rodgers  ·  10th Feb, 2018  ·  View Post
Akashic record script
Hi I need a script for accessing or opening...
Laura Kowaleski  ·  29th Jan, 2018  ·  View Post
Soul retrieval
I have a client asking if I can do soul...
Caron Dudley  ·  19th Jan, 2018  ·  View Post
Eczema - Itching and Anxiety
I have a client that's had eczema for 7+...
Jessica Roberts  ·  17th Jan, 2018  ·  View Post


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