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Psycogenic seizures
I have this teen who has this condition and...
Egda  ·  25th Mar, 2009  ·  View Post
Someone has asked if I would consider hel
Shirley Grove-grayling  ·  15th Mar, 2009  ·  View Post
Clearing Clutter
Does anyone have a script, or any...
Marion Davies  ·  15th Mar, 2009  ·  View Post
Inablilty to eat vegetables and other certain foods
Patient forced in childhood to eat things he...
Pamela Hewstone  ·  10th Mar, 2009  ·  View Post
Fear of going to the toilet when someone is in the house!
Hi, i was looking for a fear of going to the...
Jane  ·  9th Mar, 2009  ·  View Post
I would like a script for a women who is...
Lisa Jeffery  ·  8th Mar, 2009  ·  View Post
Script for fear of Asbestosis
I have a Client (Builder) with a fear of...
Peter Corrigan  ·  25th Feb, 2009  ·  View Post
Cancer Care.
I am seeing a young lady with liver Cancer...
Peter Corrigan  ·  25th Feb, 2009  ·  View Post
I have a few clients with thyroid including...
Egda  ·  20th Feb, 2009  ·  View Post
Can anyone suggest a good script to use to...
Suzanne  ·  6th Feb, 2009  ·  View Post
I need a deepener for a Keneastic,...
Sophia  ·  6th Feb, 2009  ·  View Post
Combination Depression/Anxiety Script
The notation by David North indicates that...
Diane  ·  6th Feb, 2009  ·  View Post
Sensory Sensitivity
Have you a script to help someone who has...
Malcolm Vivyan  ·  30th Jan, 2009  ·  View Post
Pain control whilst having a tatoo
I would love a script to help control pain...
Jane  ·  25th Jan, 2009  ·  View Post
I have been asked by a trainee nurse if I...
Alan Davies  ·  23rd Jan, 2009  ·  View Post
ADHD Script
Hello everyone, I am looking for a script to...
Kym  ·  3rd Jan, 2009  ·  View Post
Math phobia
Does anybody have a script to help somebody...
Amy  ·  22nd Dec, 2008  ·  View Post


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