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Guilt after suicide of son
Have client with guilt following suicide a...
Helen  ·  19th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Only i client that i failed with re weight...
Teresa  ·  17th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Financial worries
I have multiple clients that suffer...
Rudy  ·  15th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Have 2 clients with andropause can you help...
Egda  ·  13th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Cancer treatment - Radiology Treatment
Fear of having a perspex mask over face,...
Jane  ·  12th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Is there a script to improve ones hearing?...
Jackie  ·  11th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Looking for a yoga script as i have never...
Brian  ·  9th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Fear of rollercoasters
Looking for a script for a 25 year old Woman...
Brian  ·  9th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Picky Eater Script
Does anyone know of a script for picky...
Susan  ·  9th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Fear of messing self
Hi, I have a client who has a fear of...
Hayley  ·  5th May, 2009  ·  View Post
Binge eating
There are plenty of scripts for weight...
Samantha  ·  30th Apr, 2009  ·  View Post
Difficulty in applying to revision for exam
Worried about time management, concentration...
Jenny  ·  22nd Apr, 2009  ·  View Post
I have a lady that has Alzheimers and she...
Jackie  ·  21st Apr, 2009  ·  View Post
Choking phobia
Fear that any eating or drinking will cause...
Emma  ·  8th Apr, 2009  ·  View Post
Fear of taking the car out, in case there isnt a space upon return
I have a client who is afraid to take her...
Suzanne  ·  8th Apr, 2009  ·  View Post
Fear of spider webs
I am working with an 8-year-old who has a...
Melody  ·  3rd Apr, 2009  ·  View Post
Video game addiction
My son is non stop on the World of Warcraft...
Philip  ·  30th Mar, 2009  ·  View Post


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