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Extreme Anxiety
I have a client whi is mid 40s his nerves...
HH  ·  13th Apr, 2010  ·  View Post
Loss of voice through Stress
I have a 60 year old man, who has lost his...
Elissa  ·  7th Apr, 2010  ·  View Post
Reframing a painful memory
I have a client who discovered his partner...
Lisa  ·  15th Mar, 2010  ·  View Post
Hi , anyone out there who can supply me with...
SHARON  ·  15th Mar, 2010  ·  View Post
Better , higher IQ script
Hi Does anyone has script for higher...
Krisoo  ·  2nd Mar, 2010  ·  View Post
Fear of trying new foods
Hi, 10 year old girl who wants to try new...
Elissa Levy  ·  27th Feb, 2010  ·  View Post
Finger Memory Script
Hi Anyone can help with a script to assist...
ANTON  ·  21st Feb, 2010  ·  View Post
Establishing Healthy Boundaries
Could anyone offer scripts for suggestions...
Tracey TieF  ·  18th Feb, 2010  ·  View Post
Sleep walking script
I would like a script on Sleep walking for a...
Gwen  ·  15th Feb, 2010  ·  View Post
I am just qualified and would like some help...
Kath  ·  4th Feb, 2010  ·  View Post
Seduction Hypnosis
Hi has anyone got a script for seduction...
Suzie  ·  4th Feb, 2010  ·  View Post
Hi does any one have a good script for ibs
Donna  ·  4th Feb, 2010  ·  View Post
Nose picking
Searching for a script to help stop nose...
Cas  ·  29th Jan, 2010  ·  View Post
Weight loss aversion therapy
Can somebody help with a script ?
Gaynor  ·  12th Jan, 2010  ·  View Post
Restless leg syndrome
Does anyone have a script to relieve...
Ros  ·  17th Dec, 2009  ·  View Post
I would love to make a Cd to play for my...
Pamela  ·  7th Dec, 2009  ·  View Post
Alice in Wonderland syndrome
Help has anyone heard of alice in wonderland...
HH  ·  25th Nov, 2009  ·  View Post
I have a client with chronic Hemorrhoids,...
Egda Henriquez  ·  17th Nov, 2009  ·  View Post
Script for stopping mind chatter
I have so many clients that say to me they...
HH  ·  7th Nov, 2009  ·  View Post
I have a client who suffers from IBS,...
Denise  ·  5th Nov, 2009  ·  View Post
Request for a fear of embarrasment/ridicule script
Hi.Ive been treating a 13yr old boy for what...
Martyn Shults  ·  1st Nov, 2009  ·  View Post
I have a client that has a fear of her...
Susan  ·  26th Oct, 2009  ·  View Post
Sexual Fetish
Hello Everyone, I am looking for a script...
Kym  ·  18th Oct, 2009  ·  View Post
Expectations and self sabotage
Hi, Have a client who is very capable and...
Tracey  ·  12th Oct, 2009  ·  View Post
Spider web phobia
Hello Does anyone have a script or tips...
Kate  ·  25th Sep, 2009  ·  View Post
Skin Colour
Does anyone have a script to darken skin...
Amy01  ·  19th Sep, 2009  ·  View Post
Fear of Heights
I have a client who is afraid of heights. I...
Helen  ·  18th Sep, 2009  ·  View Post
Fear of wheelchairs and disability in others
I am assisting a woman in her 30s who has...
Drea  ·  14th Sep, 2009  ·  View Post


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