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Affaid of falling asleep
I have an 11 year old boy that is affraid to...
Ron Thompson  ·  19th Jul, 2010  ·  View Post
Enthusiasm and joy being alive.
An elegant script of positive words and...
Kalawna Biggs  ·  12th Jul, 2010  ·  View Post
Pass Life Regression ( hypnosis)
Willie Wilson  ·  26th Jun, 2010  ·  View Post
Bronchitis Script
Hi there, I have a client that is...
Darlene  ·  24th Jun, 2010  ·  View Post
Trash can getting rid of harmful memories
Can any one help with any version of getting...
Julie  ·  23rd Jun, 2010  ·  View Post
Feminisation Hypnosis
Can anyone help me please, I have a male...
Christine  ·  22nd Jun, 2010  ·  View Post
(No Subject)
I have a client atteding for weight loss,...
Fear Of Vegetables  ·  18th Jun, 2010  ·  View Post
Taking things personally and Not getting your hopes up
Faith, Is it possible to create two...
Lori  ·  7th Jun, 2010  ·  View Post
Hello Im looking for a script to help a...
Karinna  ·  3rd Jun, 2010  ·  View Post
Fear of Blood Testst
Can anyone help with a script for fear of...
Lynda  ·  19th May, 2010  ·  View Post
Fear of eating ADULT
Hi i would like to request a script for a...
James  ·  16th May, 2010  ·  View Post
Burning mouth syndrome
Hi - does anyone have a script for burning...
Pauline  ·  13th May, 2010  ·  View Post
Addicted to pain killers (solpadeine)
Hi Does anyone have a script for an...
Bridgette  ·  13th May, 2010  ·  View Post
Fear of smear test
I have a client who has deep seated fear of...
Catherine Mountain  ·  10th May, 2010  ·  View Post
Hi I have a client who although is never...
Chris Elston  ·  23rd Apr, 2010  ·  View Post
(No Subject)
My Client is having terrible problems with...
Levy  ·  20th Apr, 2010  ·  View Post
Extreme Anxiety
I have a client whi is mid 40s his nerves...
HH  ·  13th Apr, 2010  ·  View Post


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