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Can you help me with arrhythmia...
Egda  ·  11th Feb, 2011  ·  View Post
Trampolinist Competitions
Can anyone help with a script for a young...
Berni  ·  11th Feb, 2011  ·  View Post
Day Trader script
I have a client who is a Day Trader. He has...
Terry Biener  ·  6th Feb, 2011  ·  View Post
Injections dental
Looking for a childs script for injections...
Emma  ·  31st Jan, 2011  ·  View Post
Fear of Belly Buttons
Would anyone know of a script for the fear...
Gail  ·  30th Jan, 2011  ·  View Post
Toielt anxiety
Hi there, Ihave a client who gets very...
Richard Barrett  ·  6th Jan, 2011  ·  View Post
Alcohlic addiction
Does anybody have another script for...
Jean Whittle  ·  6th Jan, 2011  ·  View Post
Getting rid of household clutter
I have a client who struggles to declutter...
Lin  ·  25th Nov, 2010  ·  View Post
Squash Tournament Performance
Hi, I have a client who plays in squash...
Lynda  ·  19th Nov, 2010  ·  View Post


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