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If possible i would love a script on...
June Lawrence  ·  23rd May, 2013  ·  View Post
Request A Script
Hello, I have a potential client who...
Gag-Reflex  ·  3rd May, 2013  ·  View Post
Childhood fear (phodia?) of loving ones' death
Hello, I would like to detail the problem...
Yves  ·  26th Apr, 2013  ·  View Post
Twitches in Children
Hi there. I don't generally do sessions...
Ghitta  ·  11th Apr, 2013  ·  View Post
Lactose intolerance
Hi, Graham from Melbourne Australia here,...
Graham Campbell  ·  8th Mar, 2013  ·  View Post
Hypnosis instead of Anaesthesia
Dear fellow hypnotherapists I'm having a sma
OVD  ·  22nd Feb, 2013  ·  View Post
IVF - Preparing for
Hi. Having viewed the IVF scripts you have...
Elizabeth Foxcroft  ·  13th Feb, 2013  ·  View Post
Migrane pain
I see there are a lot of requests here. I...
Helen  ·  26th Jan, 2013  ·  View Post
Fear of flying 911 victim
I have a client that was working in the...
Lisa Desmond-Graham  ·  24th Jan, 2013  ·  View Post
Fear of Injury (sporting)
Hi, I have a client who is a professional...
Amanda  ·  20th Dec, 2012  ·  View Post
Hi, I have a client who gets extremely...
Louise  ·  12th Dec, 2012  ·  View Post
Most Common search words and advise on a cheap website designer
Hi Faith, I have had some...
Peter Corrigan  ·  26th Nov, 2012  ·  View Post
Does anyone have a script for...
Keith  ·  16th Oct, 2012  ·  View Post
Ulcerative Colitis
I have a client with ulcerative colitis. He...
Renie  ·  21st Sep, 2012  ·  View Post
Stroke Client
Hi - I have a client who had a stroke down...
Sophia Steeden  ·  11th Sep, 2012  ·  View Post
Adverse reaction to smells
I am looking for a script/ideas on helping a...
Charlotte  ·  2nd Sep, 2012  ·  View Post
Pregnat client who wants more energy
I have a client who is 4months pregnant she...
Amanda Horridge  ·  16th Aug, 2012  ·  View Post


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