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Soul retrieval
I have a client asking if I can do soul...
Caron Dudley  ·  19th Jan, 2018  ·  View Post
Eczema - Itching and Anxiety
I have a client that's had eczema for 7+...
Jessica Roberts  ·  17th Jan, 2018  ·  View Post
Severe Salt Addiction
Client is addicted to salt to the point they...
Eric Cassius  ·  17th Jan, 2018  ·  View Post
Requestind a script
Hi I would like to request a script for...
Persis  ·  16th Jan, 2018  ·  View Post
Desperate for a Transformation Script
Hello! Over the last few years I have...
Joshua  ·  30th Dec, 2017  ·  View Post
Fear of blood
I have a clt who fears blood
Hoang Oanh Rodgers  ·  29th Dec, 2017  ·  View Post
Hi I have a potential client with a...
Adrian Dennis  ·  20th Dec, 2017  ·  View Post
Spasmodic Dysphonia
Has any one worked with spasmodic dysphonia...
Mark Gage  ·  19th Dec, 2017  ·  View Post
Looking for script for male who homophobic...
Teddie Drumm  ·  1st Nov, 2017  ·  View Post
8 year old with fear of toilets
After a traumatic event, this little girl is...
Lynn  ·  30th Oct, 2017  ·  View Post
Script for blunt spoken I’m right person
Hi I have a client who’s very outspoken...
Debs  ·  29th Oct, 2017  ·  View Post
Extreme jealousy/disturbed personality
My Client is 50 y.o., has been diagnozed...
Hanne Fjelstad  ·  30th Sep, 2017  ·  View Post
Decreasing hypervigilance
I have several clients whose inability to...
Allison  ·  21st Sep, 2017  ·  View Post
Fear of touching or wearing metal jewellery
Hi, I have a client who is due to get...
Donna Stevenson  ·  30th Aug, 2017  ·  View Post
Bereavement script
Hi. I recently qualified so am I a member...
Andy Widd  ·  29th Aug, 2017  ·  View Post
Social media
I have a client with very low self-esteem,...
Tamzin Brain  ·  24th Aug, 2017  ·  View Post
Urgent - client booked for tomorrow
I have a client who was raped Aug 14th,...
Tamzin Brain  ·  16th Aug, 2017  ·  View Post
Script to ease fissure problem
Hello all..I have a client who has sever...
S  ·  11th Aug, 2017  ·  View Post
Peripheral neuropathy
Hello fellow hypnotherapists.. I have a...
S  ·  3rd Aug, 2017  ·  View Post
Peripheral neuropathy
Hello fellow hypnotherapists.. I have a...
S  ·  3rd Aug, 2017  ·  View Post
Child sexuality
I have a 12 year old (male) client who is...
Lynn  ·  28th Jul, 2017  ·  View Post
Confidence Landing a plane
Hi Faith I have a client learning to fly a...
Ruth Eden  ·  16th Jul, 2017  ·  View Post


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