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Mobile Phone's
I have a client that always wants the latest...
Stacy  ·  27th Nov, 2018  ·  View Post
Boredom eating at work
I have a client coming next week who needs...
Julia  ·  10th Mar, 2017  ·  View Post
Reinforcement scripts
Hi, I am looking for some scripts to help...
Genevieve Du Bois  ·  17th Dec, 2015  ·  View Post
Nail biting scripts
Linda J Aronson  ·  10th Dec, 2015  ·  View Post
Mind blocks
Iam clairvoyant, and very sick. whenever I...
Tony Webster  ·  11th Apr, 2014  ·  View Post
Social anxiety
I have a young girl (23) that has social...
Jack Nicholais  ·  4th Oct, 2013  ·  View Post
Analytical client
I am newly qualified (1yr)and am having...
Jill  ·  22nd Jan, 2012  ·  View Post
Hair twirling
I have a colleague (medical professional)...
Michael G  ·  22nd Dec, 2011  ·  View Post
Biting fingernails
I dont know if this is the right category,...
Scienceguyz  ·  14th Dec, 2011  ·  View Post


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