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Smoking cessation needed for health
Someone contacted me about smoking...
Angela Scholte  ·  8th Aug, 2019  ·  View Post
Stopping smoking post cancer
I have a client who gave up smoking a few...
Natalie Lascelles  ·  5th Nov, 2018  ·  View Post
How do you do your sessions
Ust wondering how you all conduct your...
Julie Oakley  ·  18th Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Client Feedback
I would really appreciate some advise...
Jacqueline Dower  ·  21st Mar, 2018  ·  View Post
Switching normal cigarette with e cigarette
Hi, I did the first session to stop smoking...
Graziella (Gresy)  ·  26th Jul, 2017  ·  View Post


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