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High Jump
Hi , I have a female athlete who as a...
Paul James  ·  19th Aug, 2019  ·  View Post
How know how deep to take clients?
How do you know how deep to take someone? ...
Karen  ·  6th Jul, 2019  ·  View Post
Tornado survivor - sleeping issues
Hi all, I am hoping someone can help guide...
Karen  ·  6th Jul, 2019  ·  View Post
I am interested in doing a couple sessions...
Kim  ·  25th Jun, 2019  ·  View Post
Hi I haven't been doing hynotherapy for long...
Jackie  ·  7th Jun, 2019  ·  View Post
The Eye
Hello, I just wanted to know if someone know...
Rika  ·  2nd Jun, 2019  ·  View Post
Sleeping clients
I qualified last summer and have had lots of...
Jane  ·  1st Apr, 2019  ·  View Post
New practice
Hi I am re starting my hypnotherapy...
Glenna  ·  28th Feb, 2019  ·  View Post
Sleepwaling in adults
Any advice or scripts with regards to this...
Alison McConville  ·  23rd Feb, 2019  ·  View Post
Fear of Publishing on a Website
Hi I don't know if anyone can suggest...
Helen  ·  12th Feb, 2019  ·  View Post
(No Subject)
Smoking- which technique have you found most...
Lisa  ·  1st Jan, 2019  ·  View Post


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