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New client for blushing
Hi All I have a new client who would like...
Julie Oakley  ·  17th Jul, 2018  ·  View Post
He keeps trying to claim stuff that he has no formal knowlage about, so i'm wondering if any of it is true.
The point is not to make some one do...
Can You Verify What My Friend Keeps Trying To Claim.  ·  29th Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Confidence for gymnasts script
Hi I need a script to use for a nine year...
Mario Gauci  ·  24th Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Using regression
I often use regression in therapy . And I...
Hayley Snow  ·  21st Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Smoking Cessation
Just wondering how you all conduct your...
Julie Oakley  ·  18th Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Need fractionation script
I want to take David Snyder’s Hypnosis/Nlp...
Brandon  ·  15th Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Best hypnosis practitioners in Tijuana or San Diego?
I just finished reading "many lives, many...
Steve  ·  10th Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Hi I have an initial consultation with a...
Julie Oakley  ·  8th Jun, 2018  ·  View Post
Ibs/anxiety client 3 session
Hi All I'll soon be seeing my cleint for...
Julie Oakley  ·  31st May, 2018  ·  View Post
Thinking of starting the course
Thinking of joining the course but wondering...
Mikeb  ·  28th May, 2018  ·  View Post
Help needed through hypnosis
Good afternoon, I am looking for help for me...
Janet  ·  11th May, 2018  ·  View Post


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