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Hypnosis used in France for heart operation
A patient aged 88 has successfully heart...
Pierre Immelman  ·  22nd Apr, 2022  ·  View Post
84 2
Hypnosis and Incontinence
A trial reported in the American Journal of...
Faith  ·  1st Mar, 2020  ·  View Post
Re: Hypnosis and Incontinence
Gary McAllister
1st Mar, 2020
61 1
New research on hypnosis for depression
Just thought I'd share...
John  ·  8th May, 2019  ·  View Post
Re: New research on hypnosis for depression
Rebecca Geracitano
27th Aug, 2019
145 2
Hypnosis for Pain Relief
New research demonstrates the effectiveness...
Faith  ·  25th Apr, 2019  ·  View Post
Re: Hypnosis for Pain Relief
Faith Waude
26th Apr, 2019
86 2
Designing my Hypnotherapy Brochure
Do you have temp lets regarding designing my...
Margaret Walsh  ·  3rd Apr, 2019  ·  View Post
75 1
Hypnosis to help with burns in Swiss hospital
Following scientific studies confirming the...
Faith  ·  29th Jun, 2016  ·  View Post
83 1
Complementary Therapy Services (CT)
I have received the following email which...
Faith  ·  29th Jan, 2016  ·  View Post
89 -
Hypnosis for Childbirth
East Lancashire Hospitals Trust are now...
Faith  ·  15th May, 2015  ·  View Post
Hypnosis for Childbirth
15th May, 2015
56 -
Hypnosis for Dementia Sufferers
A study conducted by Dr Simon Duff of the...
Faith  ·  20th Aug, 2014  ·  View Post
88 -
Hypnosis and cancer treatment
July 16 2014 Results of a study conducted...
Faith  ·  17th Jul, 2014  ·  View Post
Re: Hypnosis and cancer treatment
Andrea Novicki
16th Jun, 2022
156 3
Derren Brown - The Assassin
I was wondering whether you watched Derren...
Gary  ·  25th Oct, 2011  ·  View Post
Re: Derren Brown - The Assassin
Kim Erdogan
8th Feb, 2012
646 8
BIGGER BETTER QUICKER change in the world...
Marla  ·  27th Oct, 2009  ·  View Post
216 3
Self Hypnosis as an Anaesthetic
In the U.K., BBC News reported in April of...
Faith  ·  27th Nov, 2008  ·  View Post
204 2
Treating IBS and Crohns Disease
U.S. News reports a study showing positive...
Faith  ·  27th Nov, 2008  ·  View Post
Re: Treating IBS and Crohns Disease
M. Huff, Jr. CH
30th Jul, 2011
250 4

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