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Forums for the discussion of hypnosis, stress, anxiety, habits and related issues. Feel free to browse and contribute...

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General Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Forum

Discuss the uses of hypnotherapy, as well as success/queries regarding the practise of hypnosis.

Last minute cancellations
By Mark Wright
8th Dec, 2021
2897 posts
Self Hypnosis Forum

Have you hypnotized yourself? Interested in benefitting from self hypnosis? Discuss it and answer people's questions.

Re: Prosperity hypnosis track
By Louise
15th Jun, 2021
113 posts
Request-a-Script Forum

Hypnotic World subscriber? Post your request here and Hypnotic World's script writers will address your request.

Script Request for Schizophrenia
By Charlie Hamilton
23rd Nov, 2021
1147 posts
Anxiety Forum

Do you suffer from anxiety? Have you used a hypnosis MP3 to keep calm and reduce your anxiety? Discuss it here for support and answers.

Re: Teenage anxiety
By Gill Ingram
4th May, 2021
126 posts
Stress Forum

Support group for sufferers of stress. Discuss stress management techniques and experiences.

25 posts
Quitting Smoking Forum

Stopping smoking? Trying to quit? Share your experiences and tips for others to learn from...

Re: How do you do your sessions
By Mary Lawrence
18th Mar, 2021
109 posts
Addictions Forum

If you or someone you know suffers from an addiction, talk about it here.

Re: Sly drinking
By Kumar
25th May, 2021
72 posts
Overcoming Habits Forum

Trying to break a habit? Give your experiences in this group.

Re: Social anxiety
By John Thornley
22nd Feb, 2020
71 posts
Hypnosis in the Media Forum

Spotted a news story relating to hypnosis? Submit and browse here.

Re: Hypnosis and Incontinence
By Gary McAllister
1st Mar, 2020
34 posts
Solutions Corner Forum

View hypnotherapists' questions and post your own suggestions.

1196 posts

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