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Trance Depth Experiment

Trance Depth Experiment
Trance depth (Photo by © kentoh - stock.adobe.com)
About this experiment

How hypnosis worksI have for some time now have been doing a lot of experimental research into hypnotic trance depth levels and the reasons for my research into these depth levels is that as you know we all as Hypnotherapists intend to take things very much for granted like the hypnoidal, light, medium and deep trance depth we accept these as being the 'norm' in our daily working lives. We was given some time ago the Husband/Davis scale of hypnotic susceptibility on a scale/scoring of zero to thirty with thirty being the deepest known trance depth level.

So being armed with these known factors I started to ask myself many, many questions about; What is deeper than deep and into the 31st dimensions and beyond?

So I started to do some experimental research into these 'unknown'

Trance depth levels because I strongly felt that something must exist beyond the deeper trance states.

So bearing all this in mind my first steps was to write effective scripts which would achieve my aims and after a fairly long period of time I eventually came up with several scripts which I have found over a period of my research that theses scripts had to be amended on a regular basis as the course of my own research into these unknown depth levels progressed.

I now know 'beyond reasonable doubt' that these new trance depth levels do in fact exist and I have called them the Hypno-sub-trance Depth Levels. I have taken one of my wonderful experimental subjects into Trance Level 43 and what was experienced in that new trance depth level was 'out of this world' and so much different to what she had previously experienced in the 'normal' trance depth levels and I am in no doubt that these new hypno-sub-trance depths do exist.

I envisage that my research will continue to show that these levels do exist and that possibly that the suggestions that we use in our hypnotherapy treatments will be more effective at different trance depth levels.

Also we must bear in mind that all my research so far are all 'out of the laboratory' findings and my experiments will take about another year before I can draw any conclusive findings.

Experiment Script One
Subject's name

By Andy Moore Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist

Now see yourself stepping into a lift of some kind and you know that it is a safe and secure place to be and as the door closes you can see many button lights on the wall and each light is numbered from 0 (zero) down to 40 (forty) and beyond and each numbered light represents a known or unknown level of hypnotic trance depth and as you descend down in your lift a numbered button light will come on and it will send you into that trance depth level or state feeling even more deeply relaxed and calm and more deeply affected than before.

When the light number 0 (zero) lights up this will represent your normal conscious awareness state or level.

When the light number 5 (five) lights up this will represent catalepsy of the eyes and is in the hypnoidal state or level.

When the light number 7 (seven) lights up this will represent rigid catalepsy and is in the light trance state or level.

When the light numbers 13 (thirteen) or 14 (fourteen) light up these will represent amnesia and is in the medium trance state or level.

When the light numbers 21 (twenty one) or 22 (twenty two) light up these will represent the ability to open the eyes without affecting the trance state and is in the deep trance state or level.

When the light number 30 (thirty) lights up this will represent hyperesthesia and is the deepest known trance state and is in the deep trance state or level.

When the light numbers 31 (thirty one) to 40 (forty) and beyond lights up these will represent a new hypnotic trance depth levels which you will experience in every detail.

I will ask you some questions about what you are experiencing in that new trance depth level and your answers to my questions must be told out loud without affecting the trance state.

As you begin descending down deeper and deeper in your wonderful lift, one level at a time, you see as you arrive at a deeper hypnotic trance depth a numbered button lights up telling you what trance level you have arrived at and you will experience that trance level in every way.

Just let me know by signaling to me by raising your finger when you have arrived in your lift at trance levels 21 (twenty one) or 22 (twenty two).

(Wait for signal)

That very good we can now test this very simply by asking you to open your eyes now.

(When eyes are open and the trance state is not affected continue)

That's fine, now close your eyes and go back deep deep asleep.

You can now restart your wonderful journey descending down deeper and deeper in your lift and with every level you reach will send you even more deeper and deeper than before, descending down into your deepest possible level of hypnotic trance depth going past level 30 (thirty) into levels 31 (thirty one) and beyond going much deeper than deep and into the thirty first dimensions and beyond.

Just let me know by signaling to me when you have arrived at your deepest possible trance level.

(Wait for signal)

If no signal terminate hypnosis

If subject signals continue with

That very good you are doing very well now tell me what trance level are you at which you are now experiencing.

Subject Response Level

(Continue with questions for EXP)

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