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Trance Depth Research

Trance Depth Research
Trance depth (Photo by © kentoh - stock.adobe.com)

A hypnotherapists 'users guide' for experimental research into hypnotic trance depth levels.

By Andy Moore

Many thanks for taking the time out of your valuable time to show an interest in my experimental research. At some stage all of our findings will be published on Hypnotic World so that we can make comparisons and possibly to draw up some conclusions from these findings.

I have put together this user's guide which is purely based on my own findings so far when using theses experimental scripts and are subject to change from time to time as the research progresses.

I have found that once you start out on your research then it does become very addictive because deep down you know that these experiments are very new to our world of hypnotherapy a new discovery perhaps and possibly advancing hypnosis by many years and your help in this research is vitally important to its continued development.

Just consider being able to take your clients into a new trance depth level, which is much more deeper than our deep trance state, where you know that any hypnotherapy suggestions you give for your clients problems will be more effective than before.

My finding from my research shows that theses 'deeper' hypnotic trance depths do exist and I have called them the Hypnosubtrance Depth Levels which is not in any dictionary that I am aware of.

All of my wonderful people that I have used for my experiments so far have been 'highly hypnotizable' subjects being male or female from twenty to sixty years of age and your chosen subjects could be similar if you like but it is entirely up to you.

I have found that it is easier for me to do the three experiments in turn, one experiment per session for every new trance depth level that I find but it is possible to combine sessions two and three again it is up to you time permitting etc.

1st Session will be along the lines of; Induction / Deepening / IMR / EXP Script One / Questions following EXP Script One.

This session clearly identifies the new trance depth and gives us an insight into what the subject is experiencing / feeling at this new level also provides us with some information about what illnesses the subject or close relative is or as suffered from.

2nd Session will be; Induction / Deepening / IMR / EXP Script Two / Questions following EXP Script Two.

This session re confirms that the new level does exist and takes the subject back into that new depth level that you are investigating and also gives us a greater insight into these depths but I have found that sometimes the subjects are 'eager' to go as deep as possible and they will go into another depth level which of course is noted and can be looked into on another occasion. If this happens just take them back or forward to the level you are looking at but always confirm that they are at the right level by IMR.

3rd Session will be; Induction / Deepening / IMR / EXP Script Three / Questions following EXP Script Three.

This session again takes the subject back into the new trance depth level that you are investigating and reconfirms depth and this time it gives us an insight into what hypnotherapy treatments / suggestions will be better suited and more effective at this new trance depth level.

Sometimes during sessions two and three the subjects gives a press down or weak IMR finger signals. I suggest that you ignore these weak signals and go for the stronger signals to record a yes signal.

I personally do a print out of the scripts / question sections that I am going to use during the session and record the results directly onto the sheets but again this is entirely up to you.

Once again I thank you for your interest in this research and I wish you well with your future experiments.

Andy Moore

Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist.

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