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  • Helen
    22nd Feb, 2016

  • "Easy to listen to."*

  • Karen
    10th Jun, 2015

  • "By far the best helper to lose weight that I have found."*

  • Lee
    24th Jun, 2010

  • "Excellent"*

  • Becky
    19th Jul, 2012

  • "I really liked the narrator and the sound effects of this MP3. It is very relaxing."*

  • Mike
    Birmingham, UK
    1st May, 2012

  • "For my Wife. She found it easy to listen to & it appears to be working as she has a reduced appetite & is losing weight"*

  • Margaret
    15th Mar, 2016

  • "Great Script well presented and very relaxing. Really enjoy listening to it. Great voice and delivery. Highly recommend."*

  • LollyKaren
    16th Mar, 2016

  • "The recording is very good, I have not tried self hypnosis before and I am very happy with the results so far. I lost 600 grams the first week and this week lost 700 grams. I listen to the recording every night and hope to continue with these excellent results."*

  • Gary
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    8th Aug, 2009

  • "It works for me"*

    I feel my body changing already. *


  • Tania
    Bristol, UK
    17th Nov, 2011

  • "Very calming and easily absorbed."*

  • Tania
    Bristol, UK
    21st Jun, 2011

  • "Very calming and easily absorbed."*

  • Mike
    Birmingham, UK
    13th May, 2012

  • "For my Wife. She found it easy to listen to & it appears to be working as she has a reduced appetite & is losing weight"*

  • (Name Supplied)
    22nd Feb, 2012

  • "Relaxing and it's working!! -10lbs in two weeks!! Don't know how it works, but something has definitely changed for the better!!"*

  • Rose
    Washington State, USA
    21st May, 2012

  • "It has been 5 days of listening to this each day. I have been able to stick to my eating plan with no desire at all for over-eating sweets. In fact, I have not had any sweets at all."*

  • Neita
    Texas, US
    24th Aug, 2009

  • "Always like his voice. Like the relaxation part a lot and there is so much of it and I like that too. You get me deep enough to really take in the suggestions. Maybe this one will work for me and I like most of the things he suggests, too. It is so pleasant, maybe I can get myself to listen often enough for it to help me."*

  • John
    14th Mar, 2010

  • "Helped"*

  • Tom
    11th Apr, 2011

  • "I have used hypno tapes in the past, yours are by far the most effective, my behaviour was being influenced after only a few days"*

  • Julie
    Hull, East Yorkshire, UK
    18th Mar, 2010

  • "Already started to see some changes like eating healthier foods, especially fruit as I rarely ate these so...........Well Done :-)"*

    Just love the relaxation time and seemed to go under pretty quick and very deep.*


  • Cheryl
    8th Oct, 2010

  • "Wonderful, very very effective!! "*

    This was my first time using self-hypnosis as a means to my weight loss. The only thing that upsets me is why I waited so long!! This isn't hype, this is truth as it gets the weight loss messages to the root of the issue - or the subconscious mind!!*


  • Justine
    15th Jan, 2019

  • "Well, it's been a whole 24 hours and I'm not 8 stone lighter yet!!! I've made some healthy choices with my weekly food shop today and bypassed the chocolate, not consciously either. I also met up with my daughter in law and declined lunch as I ate when i was hungry an hour or two before, again not a conscious decision so I guess something's working. Thank you, thank you, thank you"*

  • Marie
    Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK
    19th Nov, 2009

  • "The download is very easy and simple to use, and very effective"*

    You've stopped me smoking and now it looks like you may have helped me to lose weight*


  • Pam
    New Zealand
    14th Jan, 2012

  • "So easy to listen to. The voice is soothing and makes it so easy to go in to hypnosis. I felt the very good suggestions starting to work straight away control room. Listening to this mp3 gives one a great way of thinking of the controls of the mind on eating and a way of controlling them."*

  • Maureen
    Essex, UK
    13th Apr, 2010

  • "It's brilliant using the relaxation techniques"*

  • Kelly
    Clovis, California, US
    23rd Sep, 2009

  • "I believe they really work."*

    I started being satisfied with only a tiny sweet or nauseous from buttery popcorn right away. I didn't even know what the recording said and I was changing my eating habits. *


  • Paul
    MidWest USA
    18th May, 2011

  • "I REALLY like this one for some reason. "*

    I REALLY like this one for some reason. I'm one of those that thinks this will never work for me" but low and behold I catch myself eating WAY less and not hungry at all EVER! I don't know what it is about this program but it works for me!!*


  • (Name Supplied)
    18th Jan, 2012

  • "Well done, I am noticing a number of different attitudes to eating and food - all positive!! "*

  • Patrick
    24th Jan, 2016

  • "The quality of the recording was excellent. The flow of the script was very structured and powerful from a client's perspective."*

  • Anne
    28th Dec, 2012

  • "This mp3 is really great... Works brilliantly and I lost about 3/4 stone over 2 months. "*

  • Gill Middleton
    Bromley, Kent, UK
    27th Mar, 2014

  • "Have been using for a week and didn't think this was working because I normally fall asleep before the end! However, I have found myself subconsciously eating less and not comfort snacking particularly at not feel deprived in the least and hadn't really connected the two until now!"*

  • JoAnne
    8th Feb, 2016

  • "This is the first script I use with weight-loss patients. It encourages envisioning a healthy body and eating better. It's a great start to weight loss and/or body image issues."*

  • Clare
    Leeds, United Kingdom
    19th Jul, 2016

  • "Find that I am putting down my cutlery during meals which I never used to do."*

  • Carrie
    Ontario, Canada
    17th Jan, 2013

  • "Loved the voice and the back ground subliminal messages"*

  • Terri
    Greenwood, Indiana USA
    24th Aug, 2013

  • "This is very well done. The music is great and very pleasant to listen to. Love the script. Helpful for any weight loss client."*

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