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Attracting Abundance:


9th Jun, 2015

"Thoughtfully worded and was a good match for my outlook and desires on the matter of abundance. Never been interested enough in wealth to focus to much life energy on it, still I would like to say yes to a greater increase in abundance to further facilitate my creative endeavors. This program suites my middle path approach. "*



22nd Mar, 2009

"Great script."*



West Sussex
2nd Oct, 2015

"This guide gives me detailed information on how to help my clients with weight loss. I have listened to the CD and I find this recording very helpful. I definitely will use this script with my clients. "*



5th Mar, 2014

"Love your products and the voice of the narrator!"*



1st Feb, 2016

"This guide provided a clear plan and outline of dealing with weight loss clients. It made me feel more confident in having the right resources, right questions and necessary information to set up a programme for a client. My first weight loss client mentioned to me that she'd found it so easy to change her ways and was no longer eating sweets, cakes or chocolates, crisps or chips. The scripts and suggestions worked wonderfully and so quickly and it was the framework of this guide which encouraged a detailed consultation to understand the client and her needs which led to great results. "*


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Average Customer Rating: 3.9/5

81% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied with this MP3

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