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28th Aug, 2014

"A very handy and useful resource for the practising hypnotherapist, with refreshing imaginative scripts which can be used with a variety of presentations"*



17th Jul, 2011

"The speaker is amazing, very clear and puts your mind at ease very quickly."*



29th Oct, 2013

"Makes me feel good when I play it."*



27th Nov, 2022

"I've been obsessing about my hair since last year, I've tried many products to make me feel better about my hair but it was making me feel worse. I realised that it was about what I was thinking about my hair and decided to try this hypnosis and after 2 x of listening to this audio I started thinking different about my hair. The audio trains your thinking from the inside about feeling good about your hair. The voice of the hypnotherapist is slow and calming. Even though I've listened to the audio 2 x but I'm thinking and feeling more at ease about my hair. I've stopped obsessing about my hair and stopped buying products that don't even work on my hair. You can use Hypnosis with a product if the product works with your hair."*


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Average Customer Rating: 4.1/5

86% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied with this MP3

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