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  • Mary Lou
    Virginia, US
    26th Jun, 2009

  • "Good vocal qualities and I like the hypnotic suggestions. I found it very relaxing."*

  • Margaret
    Fraser Lake BC
    28th Mar, 2010

  • "This is one of the best things I ever did for myself & in turn for others... your programs are fantastic."*

    As someone in the holistic healing end of things, I have found this program to be extremely helpful. I am able to sense more things & visualize things much better. As an energy healer, this is proving to be invaluable. Thank you.*


  • Phillip
    11th Dec, 2015

  • "Just listening to the mp3 really opened up my senses. Not saying I can see or talk to spirits. But more aware of my body. The sensations it caused. Tingling in my hands, head, feel the flow of energy. Do believe this mp3 to help you focus. Now after a couple of days I can do thing I never thought possible. Baby steps I know but all exciting stuff."*

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    Average Customer Rating: 3.8/5

    78% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied with this MP3

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