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Smoking Association:


Villa Rica, US
29th Nov, 2015

"Very good. Helped me to quit smoking after twenty years"*



29th Mar, 2013

"This hypnosis recording addresses a very important, but often overlooked issue with smoking cessation hypnosis programs and that is; smokers are subconsciously cued to smoke when they do the same activities again when without a cigarette in their hand. This CD reminds the smoker how to break the link between routine activities and smoking."*



Port Charlotte, Florida
23rd May, 2010

"Your download helped me achieve a goal. I am now seeking new goals. I would recommend your site to anyone. "*

I am a big believer in the power of suggestion as an effective tool in becoming a better person. I ordered your "Smoking Association" download for me and my daughter (we decided to quit at the same time)and was very impressed. I say this because we have not smoked a cigarette since. We did have some cravings but they seemed easier to overcome. I am in the process of shopping your site for future buys (for other areas of my life that I would like to improve). I would recommend your site to anyone. *


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