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Fearless Flying:

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6th Sep, 2009

"I actually had listened just twice when I boarded the plane quite peacefully"*

Probably I wasn't the worst sufferer of aerophobia, but afraid enough to become nervous even if dropping off a friend at the airport. For my own flights I developed a fear bordering panic, which was quite an impairment since for my work as researcher regular flying would be very helpful. After listening [to] the mp3 just once, I noticed my attitude had changed substantially, and I actually had listened just twice when I boarded the plane quite peacefully. I made 4 flights in the last two weeks, and I'm only a little nervous. I take the plane now even if it saves me just a few hours as compared to the train.*


Nicki Cawley

19th Aug, 2019

"A great addition to help with fear of flying"*



Dorset, UK
26th Aug, 2010

"Easy to listen to, found very useful, will be listening to it again to help me get home in a few days time! "*



3rd Jun, 2015

"Brilliant works very well"*


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Average Customer Rating: 4.3/5

90% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied with this MP3

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