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Alcohol Cessation:


Powell, Ohio, USA
15th Jun, 2015

"I am very pleased with this MP3…although I am not dependent on alcohol, my goal is to stop drinking all together so that I can increase and deepen my personal meditation practice and my healing and energy practice for my clients. I have not even slightly craved a drink even after one listening experience. Thank you!"*



Saint John, NB - Canada
17th Jun, 2015

"I have been researching this for some time now. I've only just glanced at the manual at this time but from the perspective of a new hypnotist, I found it well laid out and its great to have a step by step method to start from."*



19th Aug, 2021

"My client was quite sceptical that hypnosis would work but she had tried everything else. The script made it easy for me to help her and from the feedback I have received so far, she's delighted with it."*



New Hampshire, USA
11th Feb, 2012

"I find that in between our scheduled sessions with a client after they have first been seen this is a great tool to listen to before going to bed or if they find that they are having a difficult time"*



27th Jul, 2015

"It works. I was a binge drinker but after listening to download twice I am aware of not over drinking. I was at a party and had 2 glasses!!!! I will keep using it."*



Coffs Harbour, Australia
30th Mar, 2016

"Oh my goodness, I love this manual. I started my first client on session 1 yesterday and I really enjoyed the session. The manual is easy to follow and it allowed me to be very confident with my client. I highly recommend this manual "*



Texas, USA
19th Jun, 2014

"I received the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy manual and it was very informative. It was written very well with everything that you need to conduct a session."*


(Name Supplied)

15th May, 2012

"I bought this for my brother and finds it to be very relaxing and improving his desire to drink. He was a little [hesitant] at first, but after the first session he couldn't believe how amazing he felt. He said it felt like he had an out of body experience. He has continued to it everyday for almost 3 wks. I look forward to using your sessions on weight loss for myself as I try to shed the baby weight from my newborn."*


(Name Supplied)

Birmingham UK
7th Aug, 2012

"This is working really well, I bought it for a friend who wants to stop drinking. He has been using it for a couple of weeks now and although he hasn't stopped completely yet, he is cutting down in a way that we'd never thought he'd be able to do before. I'm sure he will continue to cut down if he continues to use it."*



26th Sep, 2021

"Having bought 2 previous hypnosis CDs to stop drinking alcohol this one is by far the best. His voice is amazingly calming and could tell from the beginning that he was a trained and experienced hypnotist. After just one listening I feel strong and resolute."*



Townsville, Queensland, Australia
3rd Feb, 2014

"I am in the process of applying this therapy with one of my clients and thus far I am very happy with the product. Thank you for making it so easy to follow."*



25th Apr, 2011

"Great download, really easy"*



Basingstoke, England
14th Nov, 2013

"A fantastic resource. Very detailed, even providing dietary advice and forms. Easy to personalise for your clients."*



3rd Jun, 2016

"As a practising Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have purchased several similar scripts packages which claim to be a ‘full course’ virtual hypnotic Gastric Band for client’s, and attended dedicated ‘complete workshop’ hypnotic Gastric Band training seminars and courses. However, I was very disappointed with these which did not follow the actual surgical gastric band surgery at all, offered no ‘pre-op’ preparation, ‘post op’ care, ‘maintenance, or support, and were overall a waste of money! This is why I hesitated in making the decision to purchase yet another set of scripts for this area of work! I need not have delayed!! When I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase the eBook download version of the Hypnotic World Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Manual for Hypnotherapists, it arrived in my inbox almost immediately, downloaded instantly, and contains 55 pages of great information. It really is a complete manual! Easy to use, easy to follow, the scripts flow very well, and above all, it follows the actual surgical Gastric Band procedure itself, allowing clients’ to enjoy a fantastic experience with amazing results!"*



16th Jul, 2011

"Very effective!"*



Cape Coral FL
23rd Jan, 2021

"Greatly informative with an easy to follow guide."*



Western Australia
13th Sep, 2019

"I have a few of these types of downloads but this is one my favourites. I works well for me."*



22nd Jun, 2012

"This mp3 helped a friend of mine who has been drinking alcohol for some time, she found it hard to listen to my voice so i thought this recording would help her. Up to now she has been listening to it every night and her alcohol consumption is reducing"*



United States
14th Sep, 2014

"This session is helping already. It is amazing."*



West Yorkshire
5th Sep, 2016

"Very clear guide which will make it simple to deliver gastric band hypnotherapy to my clients."*



Johannesburg, South Africa
30th Jun, 2016

"Very good information, I like the fact that you have added guidance on what to eat and do your best to make it seem as real as possible for the client."*



Delaware, USA
27th Sep, 2014

"A wonderful resource, thank you!"*



6th Apr, 2018

"Very relaxing, nice calming voice. I am 45 days alcohol free and I feel this mp3 has definitely helped with this."*


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