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Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Weight Loss MP3s and CDs:

  • Gary
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
    8th Aug, 2009

  • "It works for me"*

    I feel my body changing already. *


  • Neita
    Texas, US
    24th Aug, 2009

  • "Always like his voice. Like the relaxation part a lot and there is so much of it and I like that too. You get me deep enough to really take in the suggestions. Maybe this one will work for me and I like most of the things he suggests, too. It is so pleasant, maybe I can get myself to listen often enough for it to help me."*


  • Kelly
    Clovis, California, US
    23rd Sep, 2009

  • "I believe they really work."*

    I started being satisfied with only a tiny sweet or nauseous from buttery popcorn right away. I didn't even know what the recording said and I was changing my eating habits. *


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  • Claire
    22nd Oct, 2010

  • "Relaxing MP3 that gave me a more balanced approach to losing weight. The idea of the Control Room was very intriguing."*


  • Jan
    Worthing, UK
    9th Jan, 2013

  • "I found this recording very relaxing and after just listening to it once I found that things like chips were very greasy tasting. Which put me off eating them, so I can't wait to find out what I weigh at the end of this week!"*


  • Mo
    9th Dec, 2013

  • "Found this mp3 very enjoyable and relaxing, the suggestions really work and I am seeing an overall results."*


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  • Lee
    24th Jun, 2010

  • "Hi very good, I bought them for my Daughter as well."*


  • Nicola
    25th Aug, 2010

  • "It is very relaxing and I am finding it helpful!"*


  • Anon
    West Sussex
    19th Mar, 2011

  • "An excellent mp3. I am quite used to these recordings now and seem to go under quite quickly. They seem to be very effective and I always feel brighter and more positive after using them."*


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  • Catherine
    Calgary, Canada
    8th Dec, 2009

  • "I really love this hypnotic mp3 the sound quality is excellent, the gentleman taking you through the trance is very relaxing and really puts you into trance."*


  • Steve
    5th Feb, 2010

  • "Well constucted and well presented and very relaxing"*


  • Lynn
    16th Jun, 2016

  • "Very professionally recorded MP3. The narrator has a very relaxing and pleasant voice "*


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  • Ed
    Florida, US
    22nd Jul, 2010

  • "I find it very effective, painless and easy. The voice and approach are excellent and in no way distracting."*


  • Dahlia
    Phoenix AZ
    14th Sep, 2011

  • "Very beneficial for upcoming surgery, thank you."*


  • Tatyana
    Loudoun County, VA
    17th Apr, 2017

  • "Fasting MP3 is a great product. I was looking for hypnotic solution to supplement my fasting that I do now and then. It works very well and I would definitely recommend it to anyone."*


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  • (Name Supplied)
    15th Dec, 2009

  • "I really like the yogi trance, I have never been through that one before. "*

    I find your hypnosis mp3's great, I have been hypnotized many times and your mp3's put me into trance very quickly. I am going to start the Hypnotherapy Traning Course in a week and am really looking forward to it. *


  • Brian
    North East
    21st Feb, 2012

  • "Found this recording to be very effective. Have been using for a week now and presently suprised at how my bad habits for eating and drinking have stopped. Its almost like having a personal trainer/role model following me around and encouraging me to keep on track with my goals. Well worth a try."*


  • Ceri
    15th Jun, 2012

  • "It's only been one day but after listening to it last night I have woken up and done 30 minute workout. Which is amazing as for past 2 months have had no motivation to do any exercise. I have also eaten healthy and had no desire for eating junk food which again is amazing as for past few months have eaten nothing but."*


  • Jan
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    6th May, 2016

  • "Thanks so much for a great recording. I really appreciate the benefits of using NLP to lose weight!"*


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  • Pam
    New Zealand
    6th Feb, 2012

  • "So easy to listen to and certainly change the way and idea of eating and weight loss. This is working for me."*


  • Pam
    New Zealand
    21st Jan, 2012

  • "This mp3 helps with the emotional joy that the mind can repeat and produce to overcome the temptations of eating and helps keep one on track of what is best for the body and losing weight"*


  • Anne
    30th Aug, 2012

  • "This mp3 is great... I don't know how it works but whenever I think I might snack, I suddenly decide I don't want to or it's not worth it. Have managed to lose about 4lbs a week using this. "*


  • Rachel
    Liverpool, UK
    13th Jul, 2009

  • "Good length of MP3 that can easily be fitted in to my day."*

    Good length of MP3 that can easily be fitted in to my day. Very quick delivery of the product and excellent customer services.*


  • Mairead
    13th Jul, 2009

  • "Excellent"*


  • Barbara
    21st Oct, 2009

  • "Whatever it says it is definately working..."*

    The relaxation bit goes on a bit long, I tend to fall asleep everytime before it gets past that part. I am dying to know what it says after that but dont want to listen to it out of being hypnotised. Whatever it says it is definately working, I dont seem to be able to overeat, and am making much better choices in by food and have gone off all the unhealthy things I seemed to be eating before. So yes I couldnt be happier.*


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  • Terri
    Greenwood, Indiana USA
    24th Aug, 2013

  • "Love this mp3. It has been extremely helpful."*


  • Sharon
    South Australia
    17th Nov, 2011

  • "The MP3 has been useful. I have started to have success with it. Thankyou "*


  • Anne
    10th Sep, 2012

  • "This is a great tool as a follow up to the gastric band - just in case you are aware that things have slipped a bit."*


  • Andrea
    United States
    13th Jan, 2014

  • "I was unsure of hypnosis at first. However, the man's voice does relax me & the suggestions do seem to be slowly working."*


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  • Leonie
    12th Aug, 2019

  • "Really good hypnosis that I will listen to again and again - to solve one of my particular issues! "*


  • Sue
    London, UK
    2nd Feb, 2012

  • "Worked straight away. I ate less and only felt hungry at meal times and could not over eat. Don't know how much I lost but definitely feel more relaxed and it shows on my face!"*


  • Carol
    Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    17th Apr, 2013

  • "I have listened to the mp3 every day and have noticed that I am feeling fuller for longer and my portion size is smaller. Would recommend purchasing"*


  • Lizzie
    28th May, 2014

  • "I have found the MP3 very easy to listen to. It covers all the areas needed. I am repeating it every other day and I am finding that me urges have diminished. I will definitely use it on clients."*


  • Veronica
    Southern California, USA
    15th Feb, 2016

  • "Very insightful and helpful, I have used with clients to great success"*


  • Fay
    3rd Nov, 2015

  • "Fantastic, a bad habit of mine really helped reduce snacking"*


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