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Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Sports Improvement MP3s and CDs:

  • Mary Lou
    Virginia, US
    26th Jun, 2009

  • "Good vocal qualities and I like the hypnotic suggestions. I found it very relaxing. "*


  • Marcy
    Seattle, Washington
    6th Apr, 2013

  • "After listening to this recording for a couple of nights, I have missed only two days of vigorous exercise as soon as I get up in the morning. I actually look forward to it! I have lost ten pounds in the last month."*


  • Yazz
    18th Nov, 2013

  • "Good relaxation followed by describing getting in the zone. I see changes taking place."*


  • Elizabeth Taylor
    1st Jun, 2015

  • "Has done my wife a power of good. She has much more confidence now. So glad she found you."*


  • Nate
    4th Jul, 2014

  • "It really helped me visualize the game and instantly improved my game."*


  • Sharon
    Virginia, United States
    18th Dec, 2011

  • "I went out walking and loved it. I did not experience the usual internal resistance to getting out the door and once I got going I just wanted to keep on going."*


  • Irene
    29th Jun, 2014

  • "I found this script very inspiring. It worked virtually immediately as I felt the urge to start excercising as soon as I finished listening to it. I can't wait for long term results"*


  • Lee
    Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
    23rd Sep, 2014

  • "This does help me be more motivated to get to my exercise class."*


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    13th Jul, 2009

  • "Great MP3 "*


  • (Name Supplied)
    17th May, 2011

  • "Great so far! Looking forward to swimming!"*


  • Antonio
    Houston, TX
    10th Aug, 2014

  • "Pleasantly surprised with how quickly I appear to have taken to this hypnosis track."*


  • Stacie
    25th Jun, 2013

  • "Very effective. Clients golf game improved greatly."*


  • Mike
    Scunthorpe, England
    13th Mar, 2014

  • "This is my very first mp3 download and I found it very good as a general golf improvement hypnotic audio session. Having just started the course I'm looking forward to improving my golf by using it and thus offering my many golfing colleagues the opportunity to improve theirs!"*


  • Michael
    Austin, Texas, USA
    7th Mar, 2015

  • "This MP3 utilizes an effective induction and it leads me into nice medium trance state. I am enjoying my golf game more than before I started utilizing it. I am striking the ball better."*


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