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Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Memory and Learning MP3s and CDs:

  • Bluebell
    26th Sep, 2013

  • "I particularly like the fact that it was base on the topic and involved important issues in learning. The deep relaxation while focusing on the studying to learning was really enjoyable. I would recommend this Accelerated Studying MP3 in support to one's learning journey."*


  • Bill
    Chicago, US
    4th Oct, 2009

  • "I have used cassette tapes in the past and find your MP3 product to be superior."*

    Your selection and ease of purchase will bring me back to your site.*


  • Belinda
    14th Aug, 2009

  • "I was very happy with this."*


  • Kim
    Seoul, Korea
    6th Mar, 2013

  • "My confidence is really improving. I am learning Korean and need the confidence in dealing with this."*


  • Sue
    8th Oct, 2009

  • "I liked the way it stayed positive throughout. I was able to use the self-hypnosis to stop talking when it was time to stop talking. Very much appreciated."*


  • Heather
    Pittsburgh, PA
    28th Aug, 2010

  • "I regularly use the handles presented in this session and they help me listen better when I need to."*


  • Margaret
    Fraser Lake BC
    28th Mar, 2010

  • "This is one of the best things I ever did for myself & in turn for others. I think your programs are fantastic."*

    I am very impressed with the results of this recording, as my memory has improved greatly (for a while before I used this I truly thought I was losing it). However, I no longer walk into a room & have forgotten what I came for nearly as often. I expect it will continue to improve with leaps & bounds. Also, my concentration is 100% improved. I am very impressed & intend to take the whole course.*


  • Markus
    Edmonton, Canada
    6th Dec, 2011

  • "Really great, so far I think it works real well with the Photographic Memory MP3."*


  • Anthony
    21st Nov, 2014

  • "I'm a law student and I was REALLY getting in a panic about remembering EU articles none of which I could remember prior to the session I can now remember them all can't rate it high enough!!!"*


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  • P.M
    South Yorkshire, UK
    30th Oct, 2009

  • "Good quality."*

    Very good quality and very quick service.*


  • Ralf
    19th Nov, 2009

  • "I have noticed my recall getting better. "*


  • Shay
    31st Mar, 2011

  • "Very easy to use and works great!!"*


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  • (Name Supplied)
    15th Nov, 2011

  • "Its given me the knowledge and confidence that the words within can flow on to a page"*


  • Elaine
    25th Jan, 2013

  • "Writing skills script was so accurate. The way the hypnotist described my writing experience was as if the narrator really was speaking to me, and encouraging me the way a supportive friend does. Except the narrator voice was so much more sincere and convincing. "*


  • Minnie
    11th Jan, 2014

  • "Excellent for generating ideas and motivation "*


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  • Robin
    Newport News, Virginia
    2nd Jan, 2013

  • "I enjoy the the calming reassuring tone of the speaker's voice. The suggestions were very compelling and believable. I easily pictured myself on the dance floor, totally immersed in the sound and rhythms of seductive music and the magic of the moment."*


  • Keith
    1st Jun, 2010

  • "Really very nice. I had no trouble agreeing with the suggestions. "*

    Really very nice. I had no trouble agreeing with the suggestions. The eyes/nose technique for beginning induction is surprising and very effective.*


  • Steven
    22nd Mar, 2011

  • "I noticed after the first use, a increased feeling of urgency, to complete tasks. "*


  • Jim
    9th Feb, 2014

  • "I am on top of my work for the first time this year 2014!"*


  • Gemma
    8th Oct, 2014

  • "I listen to the MP3 before bed to help with procrastination with studying. I found myself finishing off Assignments without even really thinking about it. I love all the MP3 hypnotic tracks I have bought. Helped me with many areas of my life"*


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  • Sam
    24th May, 2009

  • "Best one that I've listened to yet"*

    Best one that I've listened to yet... love the speaker. *


  • Ariele
    20th Sep, 2012

  • "I bought this MP3 for my son who is doing a drama GCSE and found the pressure was getting in his way of performing. He was ready to try anything to get over his debilitating fear. The first time he played the recording it looked like he had fallen asleep. When the recording ended he perked up right away so I knew that he had been in a trance and had heard every word. He has listened to it once and noticed some improvement during the lesson the following day. It is recommended to listen to it for a month, so I am hoping the improvement will increase over time. He no longer complains about the pressure on him, so it has been well worth the investment already!"*


  • Shaun
    23rd Sep, 2012

  • "Fantastic. Very relaxing"*


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  • Jenny
    Queensland Australia
    23rd Jun, 2012

  • "Velvet Voice has done wonders for my confidence in using my voice. I have found my voice projection better, using, reproducing tones and notes more effective and a general better sound from within - thank you"*


  • Doris Rivera
    New York, USA
    27th Sep, 2012

  • "I feel more confident. I feel that my voice getting stronger just a few days."*


  • (Name Supplied)
    26th Aug, 2009

  • "All in all, I am starting to enjoy learning"*


  • Jason
    16th Jun, 2012

  • "Different from the usual hypnosis and very creative. "*


  • David
    Bullhead City, AZ, USA
    9th Feb, 2013

  • "It is a very good audio. I use it in my office to assist with my post session therapy for students needing to improve their study habits and abilities. I would recommend this recording for both hypnotherapists and students that have little or no study habits."*


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