Health Relaxations MP3 & CD Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Health Relaxations MP3s and CDs:

  • Jeff
    Oregon, USA
    20th May, 2009

  • "Excellent preparation. Excellent presentation."*

    I like the presentation -- slow and deliberate -- good enunciation. Good combination of psychology and hypnotherapy.*


  • Tom
    London, UK
    2nd Jan, 2013

  • "A well thought out script that's easy on the ear"*


  • Petro
    8th Dec, 2015

  • "Very good and very practical."*


  • Kathleen
    Texas, USA
    6th Mar, 2010

  • "Would recommend to everyone. Plan to purchase more. "*

    Superb voice and pace. Practical factual information. (I am an RN from the operating room and know the procedure well.) Am claustrophobic and do well with LaMaze and self hypnosis. *


  • Nicole
    2nd Feb, 2013

  • "Excellent am eating nearly every vegetable and fruit when I ate none before"*


  • Kathie
    31st May, 2016

  • "I've listened to this mp3 a few times and I'm trying more vegetables than previously. "*


  • Dan
    25th Aug, 2009

  • "Very relaxing and feeling really good after: bit early to say if it has helped me but going to keep using it."*


  • Lisa
    South Yorkshire
    19th Nov, 2012

  • "Excellent recording, easy to listen to and packed full of positive suggestions"*


  • (Name Supplied)
    12th Apr, 2010

  • "Good for some extra motivation in general. Good customer service and great communication."*


  • Heather Morgan
    Jamestown South Australia Australia
    23rd Mar, 2015

  • "This was an excellent MP3, I found the energy transfers fantastic. I also downloaded the script for this and did with my husband who also found it excellent"*


  • Kerry
    24th Oct, 2016

  • "Enjoyed it "*


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  • Mairead
    19th Jul, 2009

  • "Very effective"*

    I use the hypnosis downloads for a variety of conditions i.e. physical health, emotional health etc. they are an excellent tool for self development. I find the downloads very effective and helpful.*


  • Jill
    25th Aug, 2010

  • "I just love this Thyroid mp3 download"*

    I just love this Thyroid MP3 download that I purchased, I have only used it 3 times so far and I just love it. The narrator's voice is very calming and the format he chose to use for his wording is wonderful, I am very happy. I plan to let family and friends know about my experience in hopes that they might purchase from Hypnotic World also. *


  • Emma
    25th Nov, 2010

  • "Hi, I thought it was excellent. No complaints!"*


  • Caterina
    New Zealand
    20th Feb, 2012

  • "I recently purchased the tinnitus relaxation MP3 and feel very happy with the results. On day one I noticed some small results, but it is after 5 days now that there are significent changes. Yesterday I was only aware of the sounds twice and was immediately able to divert them away from myself. Thank you so much."*


  • Greg
    24th Sep, 2009

  • "Liked it"*

    Hypnotist has a very relaxing voice.*


  • (Name Supplied)
    18th May, 2011

  • "Very good. It helped me. I have been free from Vertigo since the time i used this first."*


  • Charles
    22nd Mar, 2014

  • "I found the Vertigo Relaxation MP3 to be an excellent program. I've only had it about a week, and have listened to it 4-5 times and each time come away amazed at how powerful the suggestions are, from the systematic induction to the programming and the future pacing. I am an experienced hypnotherapy but bought this product for my personal use. I'm completely satisfied."*


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  • Gemma
    Queensland, Australia
    27th Nov, 2011

  • "Excellent download. I have been visiting a hypnotherapist, however I find that your download provides me the same level of therapy to help change my thought patterns. I will be definately recommending your site to my friends and family."*


  • Anthony
    South Africa
    1st Sep, 2009

  • " I am impressed with the quality of the experience"*

    The experience is [one] of being with the Hypnotist, but with the advantage of being in your own safe an private surroundings. In my opinion the Mp3 on Dystonia has been compiled in a very professional manner. *


  • Marion
    22nd Sep, 2016

  • "Have just used it a couple of times but it's very good"*


  • Charmaine
    21st Nov, 2012

  • "Very relaxing hypnosis mp3"*


  • S Shaw
    Fife, Scotland
    22nd Aug, 2013

  • "Fantastically deep induction. Very powerful session."*


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