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Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Confidence MP3s and CDs:

  • Patrick M
    24th Jul, 2010

  • "An excellent download. It is never too late to break the hold that bullies have over you. This mp3 is well worth the money."*


  • Chris
    New York City
    17th Apr, 2009

  • "I thought it was great!"*

    I think these mp3s will help me become the person Id like to be.*


  • Catherine
    Calgary, Canada
    1st Feb, 2010

  • "I really like this mp3, it has helped me get organized and ready to start my practice."*


  • (Name Supplied)
    16th Dec, 2011

  • "Excellent voice, very good, would recommend."*


  • Moo
    Manchester, UK
    14th Mar, 2012

  • "I am very new to hypnotherapy and as a result feel that my abilities are lacking a little, this cd has helped me to develop as a hypnotherapist."*


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  • Rowli
    11th Sep, 2009

  • "Very good product, very satisfied"*

    Very relaxing MP3 which is very different than other confidence downloads*


  • (Name Supplied)
    23rd Sep, 2009

  • " Great Mp3 I listen and now I am more postive in my own self. "*


  • Robert
    New York, NY
    16th Aug, 2018

  • "Thanks for an excellent session!"*

    I'm very happy with this recording. The induction is unique and very effective. After less than a week using the MP3, I already feel significant shifts occurring. Thanks for an excellent session!*


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  • Brian
    North East England
    7th Mar, 2012

  • "This is a good hypnotic recording. It also follows a traditional hypnotic trance approach rather than some of the more 'funky' recordings available elsewhere. Go for it if you just need a confidence booster - it will work. "*


  • (Name Supplied)
    3rd Aug, 2009

  • "Helpful, useful, nourishing and effective"*

    Helpful, useful, nourishing and effective has made a difference to my commmunication/confidence at work - thank you *


  • Suzie
    29th Jun, 2016

  • "Noticed an improvement in my confidence and interactions at work since listening to this download. The download covers a lot of content which is great"*


  • Heather
    Pittsburgh, PA
    28th Aug, 2010

  • "Makes me happier and more confident"*


  • Steve
    Massachussetts, USA
    8th Sep, 2009

  • "I was very pleased with the mp3 and will be ordering again. Great company and excellent selection and communication, KEEP IT UP! "*


  • Marianne
    1st Dec, 2009

  • "It definately has great content and is having an impact on my daughter."*


  • Jay
    South East
    4th Aug, 2010

  • "The first stages of relaxation are the best I have encountered, having used other well known ... hypnosis CDs in the past. These far out class them!"*


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  • Gloria
    26th Apr, 2010

  • "Very satisfactory."*


  • Ryan
    20th Oct, 2014

  • "I am very impressed with this mp3. Having listened to it a number of time over the passed week I've made some important decisions with I would of normally avoided. Thank you I will definitely be ordering more from the collection."*


  • Elaine
    1st Nov, 2010

  • "Excellent hypnosis induction and deepener, positive confidence booster re public speaking."*


  • Lynda
    7th Apr, 2016

  • "Excellent very relaxing. "*


  • Gregg
    3rd Sep, 2016

  • "Purchased and Downloaded specifically for a client with fear of public speaking. I would recommend this audio."*


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  • Sarah
    Newton Abbot
    30th Jan, 2012

  • "The Hypnotherapist has a lovely calming voice. Feel more balanced, calmer and not so sensitive around people. I would recommend this download."*


  • Denise
    3rd May, 2016

  • "My son has been listening to this recording for just over a week and we have seen a reduction with his stuttering"*


  • (Name Supplied)
    21st Apr, 2010

  • "Great,12 out of 10, it has a very wide range of suggestions from fearing social situations to overcoming shyness and be comfortable around others."*


  • Ana
    26th Feb, 2011

  • "Wonderful!"*


  • Janet
    1st Sep, 2011

  • "Excellent Hypnosis download. Very useful & of great benefit to me."*


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  • Anna
    6th Nov, 2011

  • "This really works."*

    I started listening to it a few days before a presentation and my presentation went very well. I was calm and focused and got very good feedback.*


  • Paul
    Tidworth, Hampshire
    11th Apr, 2016

  • "I bought the MP3 download for a friend of mine, which she has used twice a day, morning and night and the comments she has given me sofar are this? 1. She already feels confident in herself about giving her presentation to over 70 people without actually giving it yet Not due for another 3 weeks. 2. Feels more comfortable when meeting new people for the first time and engaging in conversation. 3. And feels more relaxed and less stressed about how the presentation will go. 4. Overall a great feeling..."*


  • Justine
    16th Sep, 2019

  • "As always a professionally written and read script. I felt more confident about what I was saying and feel more confident every time I say it."*


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  • Brittany
    New York
    28th Sep, 2010

  • "Enjoyed it, felt the deepest hypnosis yet with this download."*


  • Maimouna
    30th Jul, 2011

  • "Really make me feel good, you really see the result everytime you listen to it. I love it."*


  • David
    19th Aug, 2011

  • "In listening to these downloads I must say i do believe they have had a positive effect on my overall mood and feelings of wellbeing."*


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  • Stephanie
    United States
    29th Nov, 2016

  • "Very calming voice. I feel like my voice is getting louder and louder the more I listen to this."*


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