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Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Children's Issues MP3s and CDs:

  • Michael
    Kansas, USA
    6th Jun, 2011

  • "Enjoyed this very much."*


  • Elizabeth
    Birmingham, Alabama
    14th Oct, 2009

  • "Very relaxing and soothing. hopefully it will help my child!"*


  • Veronica
    16th Apr, 2015

  • "I had a child client age 12 who had an answer for everything so this recording was perfect for him and he listened with no resistance. Very pleased"*


  • Cassie
    8th Feb, 2016

  • "Son is slowly starting to not be so defiant!"*


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  • Paul
    31st Jan, 2016

  • "Found this useful when dealing with older children and young people "*


  • Victoria
    Rugby England
    21st Oct, 2016

  • "Amazing results. 4 year old son was biting his nails and the skin around them daily, to the point they bleed. The download was only listen to (at bed time) 2-3 times over the space of 2 weeks. Result we're not instant, to start with nail biting did reduced. Then a few weeks later he had grown nails long enough for me to clip. He has not bitten his nails for months. "*


  • Kerry
    10th Oct, 2016

  • "Was amazing my daughter loved this"*


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