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Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Childbirth MP3s and CDs:

  • Gemma
    17th Feb, 2015

  • "So easy to listen to before bed"*


  • Sarah
    22nd Jul, 2010

  • "Very relaxing, sends me to sleep!"*


  • PJ
    Dallas, TX
    1st May, 2012

  • "This Mp3 was just what my daughter needed . . . simple relaxation techniques followed by comforting words of encouragement for a new mother!"*


  • Anonymous
    24th Jul, 2016

  • "My birth was traumatic. This track is helping me to recover from the trauma of being born. As a result I feel that I am now able to move forward with my life."*


  • Rosie
    14th Oct, 2013

  • "This was a very helpful Mp3. It's such an upsetting time for women, regardless of circumstances. To find this recording was very reassuring. "*


  • Anonymous
    5th Oct, 2014

  • "After listening to this download, I felt a great weight being lifted off my shoulders.I felt much lighter. I felt relieved of the heavy burden of shame and guilt being released. I have been set free. "*


  • Mark
    Nottinghamshire, UK
    21st Jul, 2010

  • "This recording helped my wife the night before and through the elective caesarean."*

    The midwives had missed our breech baby and at forty weeks the odds for the baby to turn were against us. Without this recording, my wife said she would have been 'freaking out'. The recording relaxed her and takes her to her favourite relaxing place other techniques are used as well. My wife says she would recommend this recording.*


  • Meg
    New York City
    2nd Jan, 2010

  • "Very helpful during my IVF cycle."*

    Very helpful during my IVF cycle. I used this during my 2nd IVF treatment and I am happy to report I am almost 7 week pregnant with twins!! *


  • (Name Supplied)
    16th Apr, 2010

  • "This is the best hypnosis mp3 EVER! It really calms me down after a long day of work and commuting. It gets me prepared for the medical procedure that I am about to embark on. It's great."*


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