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Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Business Skills and Finance MP3s and CDs:

  • Sandy
    22nd Mar, 2009

  • "Great script."*


  • Andrea
    5th Mar, 2014

  • "Love your products and the voice of the narrator!"*


  • Crispin
    9th Jun, 2015

  • "Thoughtfully worded and was a good match for my outlook and desires on the matter of abundance. Never been interested enough in wealth to focus to much life energy on it, still I would like to say yes to a greater increase in abundance to further facilitate my creative endeavors. This program suites my middle path approach. "*


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  • John
    Tyne & Wear
    17th Nov, 2011

  • "This MP3 is great for relaxation and escapism. Entering the world of fantasy is therapeutic in itself."*


  • Brian
    North East England
    30th May, 2012

  • "This recording is a good thing to have especially with the pressure placed on salespeople in the current climate. A good all round approach that will relax and build confidence."*


  • Heather
    Pittsburgh, PA
    28th Aug, 2010

  • "I'm already performing better after listening only a few times."*


  • Christine
    18th Jul, 2013

  • "I was very impressed with this MP3. After a couple of very stressful interviews I listened to this a few times and my next interview was much more comfortable for me. I'm confident that it'll help me be successful."*


  • Kylie
    Arana Hills
    26th Feb, 2012

  • "Really good for helping me get myself sorted"*


  • BKC
    North East
    3rd Sep, 2012

  • "This is a well put together recording that really works."*


  • PL
    Shropshire, UK
    15th Feb, 2015

  • "This mp3 helps you overcome problems in time management, enabling you to get more of the things that are important to you done."*


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  • Sarah
    Cottingham. East Yorkshire
    28th Aug, 2009

  • "I found this MP3 to be very relaxing and will use it again and again."*


  • Hypnoman
    3rd Feb, 2012

  • "This is a very good recording that is narrated well by the hypnotherapist style. Would recommend to everyone."*


  • Chad
    12th Jan, 2013

  • "Easy to follow, and very relaxing."*


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  • Suzie
    29th Jun, 2016

  • "I found this download has been particularly helpful. The download covers off on a lot of topics in the one session. "*


  • Gloria
    13th Nov, 2010

  • "This MP3 was custom made for me at my request and has worked wonderfully."*


  • Brian
    18th Jan, 2012

  • "I have used this recording a few times now and each time feel it gives me a lift and when listening at the begining of the day, it help to set me up for tackling those tough decisions/actions."*


  • Amanda Burger
    Sedona, USA
    24th Feb, 2016

  • "I am very pleased with this hypnosis mp3. I relate to the induction and it is, therefore, very effective at getting me relaxed. "*


  • Martin
    10th Feb, 2016

  • "Good listening. I hope this help me improve myself and let me be a better manager."*


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