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Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Body Image MP3s and CDs:

  • Sergio
    25th Aug, 2015

  • "Very good book on how to write Scripts."*


  • (Name Supplied)
    15th Dec, 2009

  • " Great. I want more muscle mass I hope to see results. "*


  • Patrick
    4th Aug, 2010

  • "I have been listening to this download for the past three days now and already I find an increase in my appetite which was pretty poor to say the least. I recently quit smoking and am looking to get back into shape and this hypnotic down load is my ticket to fitness."*


  • (Name Supplied)
    24th Aug, 2010

  • "Fantastic hypnotic mp3. I already feel it working after using 3 days! So far I have added 4 pounds of muscle mass. Thank you!"*


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  • Phil
    21st Jan, 2014

  • "Very useful compilation of scripts. Ease of access to different areas."*


  • Michelle
    17th Jul, 2011

  • "The speaker is amazing, very clear and puts your mind at ease very quickly."*


  • Linda
    29th Oct, 2013

  • "Makes me feel good when I play it."*


  • Paul
    28th Aug, 2014

  • "A very handy and useful resource for the practising hypnotherapist, with refreshing imaginative scripts which can be used with a variety of presentations"*


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  • (Name Supplied)
    30th Sep, 2009

  • "Excellent induction."*


  • (Name Supplied)
    West Sussex
    29th Apr, 2012

  • "Very easy to follow and well written. I am using it on myself and with clients with extremely good results"*


  • Jenny
    11th Jan, 2013

  • "This was just perfect for a 4th session for a Weight loss client...I've had scripts for the previous sessions and was looking for new metaphors and a different angle, and a variation on my usual inductions, so thank you!"*


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  • Neita
    Texas, USA
    30th Sep, 2009

  • "Sounds good."*

    Hoping it will help with the frozen muscles of Parkinsons as well as a more youthful look. Enjoy your relaxation portion more than any cds and tapes I have. And that is a lot. Satisfied with your service, prices, and relaxation responses, and the voice or voices. *


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