Addictions MP3 & CD Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials on Hypnotic World Addictions MP3s and CDs:

  • Roxie
    25th Apr, 2011

  • "Great download, really easy"*


  • Virginia
    16th Jul, 2011

  • "Very effective!"*


  • Helen
    New Hampshire, USA
    11th Feb, 2012

  • "I find that in between our scheduled sessions with a client after they have first been seen this is a great tool to listen to before going to bed or if they find that they are having a difficult time"*


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  • (Name Supplied)
    4th Oct, 2009

  • "Good"*

    Didn't think it would work but it did! *


  • (Name Supplied)
    Melbourne, Australia
    2nd Nov, 2010

  • "The relaxation was a very effective and thorough. I have noticed a change in my attitude and state of mind towards drinking after listening to it just one time."*


  • Mairead
    13th Jul, 2009

  • "Excellent"*


  • Linda
    United States
    16th Nov, 2009

  • "After listening to this MP3, I have no desire for any soda drinks which is why I chose this MP3 in the first place. My desire to have chocolate has greatly diminished as well. I am so glad that I found your website. Listening to the MP3's has really made an improvement in my life and my well being. I can't thank you enough."*


  • Jackie Frith
    29th Apr, 2012

  • "Very well written. Found it very interesting and certainly made me realise that I wanted to study hypnotherapy. Really enjoyed listening to the CD too."*


  • Lisa
    South Yorkshire
    19th Nov, 2012

  • "Very interesting and well written"*


  • Ryan
    19th Jan, 2009

  • "Amazing!"*

    Amazing! I cant remember the last time I was so relaxed. I feel like I am in control of my body... *


  • Larry
    Louisiana, US
    19th Sep, 2009

  • "[I have] been a dipper now for about ten years. I downloaded your program which was very easy to do. After program I took my dip looked at it thought then throwed the stuff out the window."*


  • Robin
    College Station, Texas
    29th Sep, 2009

  • "My client loved this - very effective."*


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  • (Name Supplied)
    3rd Jan, 2012

  • "...My first two days of not eating chocolate have been made considerably simpler by listening to this mp3 and the choice to not eat sweets is, at this point, effortless. I hope it continues to be so!"*


  • Christine
    18th Jun, 2013

  • "After being a chocaholic all my life I haven't even wanted any since listening to this hypnosis script. Amazing."*


  • Judith
    28th Feb, 2011

  • "Definitely worth listening to, does stop impulsive purchases"*


  • Abby
    15th May, 2012

  • "Did the job!! Am now rational and composed when shopping and a good deal better off too!!"*


  • Antony
    23rd Apr, 2012

  • "I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to cut down."*

    For quite some time ive been feeling worsening health and physical fitness through increased cigarette consumption... im ashamed to admit that in the last few years ive actually been smoking between 50 and 60 cigarettes per day..... not at all good..... tried to cut down and failed miserably, time after time. So, i decided that i just have to do something different and this was it. Ive been very skeptical of hypnotherapy in the past, especially self hypnosis. All i can say is that there HAS to be something in it because i literally went from nearly 60 per day down to between 5 and 10 per day..... instantly. I am now ten days into my 'cutting down smoking plan' and ive smoked only four packets (as opposed to nearly 30 packets!!!!!). I feel good, i feel confident and im not clawing the walls either. Im using an electronic cigarette for the nicotine hit every now and then but i really think of cigarettes quite differently now. A little will power and a want to slow down is needed but it worked and it definitely did something to me because i couldnt have just slashed my consumption that quickly. Trust me!! I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to cut down.*


  • Catherine
    14th Oct, 2014

  • "A well written user friendly document. It's easy to understand yet there is a wealth of information."*


  • Catherine
    West Yorkshire
    3rd Dec, 2014

  • "It is a very well written comprehensive module packed with useful information."*


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  • Paul
    Essex, UK
    11th Aug, 2010

  • "Easy to download, easy to listen to and follow "*

    From the first time I listened to it, I have had no compulsion or inclination to enter an arcade or bookies. When I have walked past one and their door has been open, my initial thought is.. what a waste of money. A side effect of listening to the MP3 (about once a week) is that that i have become almost miserly, and consider every purchase and whether it is necessary or frivolous??? I am so very very glad I looked for the help in this way, it's been a phenomenal success and my bank balance is healthy too. Thank you so much I will be eternally grateful and will be looking to purchase again from you very soon. *


  • Lucy
    21st Aug, 2016

  • "An interesting and thorough guide. I love Faiths style of writing. An excellent resource and guide with practical instruction. Great scripts. Thanks Faith another great resource. "*


  • Elaine
    Rotherham, South Yorkshire
    3rd Dec, 2012

  • "I received my Gastric Band Manual in good time. I am currently working through this manual in order to put together a course of treatments for clients in the new Year. I have found it to be a good basis to work with but of course we all do our tweaking to suit individual clients."*


  • Natasha
    21st Dec, 2012

  • "The manual is very clear and easy to understand. The scripts are easy to follow and adapt for each client."*


  • Karen
    18th Jan, 2013

  • "Well presented, clear guidance and well explained. Easy to understand and to put into practice. I like the idea I can photocopy some of the elements like the food diary sheets, very useful."*


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  • Brian
    Port Charlotte, Florida
    23rd May, 2010

  • "Your download helped me achieve a goal. I am now seeking new goals. I would recommend your site to anyone. "*

    I am a big believer in the power of suggestion as an effective tool in becoming a better person. I ordered your "Smoking Association" download for me and my daughter (we decided to quit at the same time)and was very impressed. I say this because we have not smoked a cigarette since. We did have some cravings but they seemed easier to overcome. I am in the process of shopping your site for future buys (for other areas of my life that I would like to improve). I would recommend your site to anyone. *


  • Sheila
    29th Mar, 2013

  • "This hypnosis recording addresses a very important, but often overlooked issue with smoking cessation hypnosis programs and that is; smokers are subconsciously cued to smoke when they do the same activities again when without a cigarette in their hand. This CD reminds the smoker how to break the link between routine activities and smoking."*


  • Erin
    Villa Rica, US
    29th Nov, 2015

  • "Very good. Helped me to quit smoking after twenty years"*


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  • (Name Supplied)
    14th Jun, 2009

  • "A real eye opener mp3"*

    I am thinking it can help people really stop.*


  • Roger
    10th Dec, 2010

  • "A brilliant MP3 which I used after a stop smoking session for one of my clients as a booster.. I saw my client a week after treatment and all the aversions had worked each time they smelt or touched a cigarette."*


  • Tamara
    12th Nov, 2014

  • "I felt the urge to smoke decrease every time I listened to this download, starting from the very first time!"*


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  • Lynette
    Cairns Australia
    23rd Jun, 2009

  • "I have listened to other [hypnotic recordings] of this nature and have found this to be the best yet."*

    I am very happy with this MP3 download...*


  • Robert
    Barrie, Canada
    18th Jul, 2011

  • "My wife and I had both quit a few weeks before receiving your tape. We were looking for a positive reinforcement and believe your tape helped."*


  • David
    Bullhead City, AZ USA
    21st Apr, 2013

  • "Bought for friend to use at night . They are very pleased with the results."*


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  • Larry
    Louisiana, US
    12th Dec, 2009

  • "Love the program"*

    I quit smokeless 3 months ago with these programs.*


  • Scott
    22nd May, 2018

  • "I am very happy with the quit smoking recording, I gave up smoking after listening to the recordings and have not smoked since."*


  • (Name Supplied)
    Canada, Toronto, On.
    1st May, 2012

  • "It was very beneficial as an add on for my client."*


  • Ashley
    15th Apr, 2010

  • "Great, I have not been eating chocolate for two weeks!"*


  • Rose
    11th May, 2012

  • "I like to listen to these almost daily as sugar is most difficult for me. I feel it is working and I will be ordering more from you."*


  • Kay
    10th Dec, 2013

  • "I've only listened to the recording once. It was very relaxing because i only remember the beginning and then waking up right at the end. I've been very wary of not eating sugar today, so let's see how the week pans out. So far so good."*


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  • Kylie
    15th Dec, 2012

  • "Great for helping to break soft drink addictions. Thanks"*


  • Stephanie
    2nd Dec, 2009

  • "The therapists voice was so soothing that I felt as though I didn't just relax, I melted!"*

    I had bought an expensive set of CD's from another vendor previously and was very disappointed. I never felt like I was lead to relax enough to be in a hypnotic state. I'm so glad I decided to try hypnosis again. It really works!!!*


  • Rachel
    3rd Oct, 2013

  • "This is really helping me gain control over my drinking. I drank to excess when I was young and unhappy, went to AA, and didn't drink for 25 years. But I always felt that I wasn't a "genetic" alcoholic, but rather, someone who had formed a bad habit and never learned to drink socially. I really love good food, and good wine seems such a part of that, so at 58 years old, I decided to learn to drink for the enjoyment of it rather than to cover up problems. Because I never learned to drink properly, however, I found myself drinking more than I really wanted to--nothing like when I was young, but imbibing more calories and drinking more often than I would like. The moderation MP3 has really helped me to drink when I want and only as much as I want to. It's amazing, because it doesn't really feel like anything's happening when I listen to the MP3, other than that I'm relaxed. But I find that I can put a drink down, throw it out, not bother even pouring one more and more easily after using this for a week. Great tool! "*


  • Robert
    11th Jul, 2012

  • "Good reinforcer to help prevent taking up smoking again."*


  • Claire
    5th Jan, 2014

  • "Calming MP3 that sends me to sleep every time! Issues are also a lot less overbearing to face. Thanks Hypnotic World."*


  • Tamara
    29th Jul, 2014

  • "I like this MP3, it's just the right length and I can already feel a difference after the first time listening to it."*


  • Sam
    24th Jul, 2019

  • "Amazing as always. Love this website, it's helped me so much."*


  • Laurence
    18th Sep, 2020

  • "Worked from 1st session, very good."*


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