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Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading Download
Enjoy reading with hypnosis.

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Appreciation Download
Appreciate the simple things in life with...


Assertiveness Download
Become Assertive

Brain Power

Brain Power Download
Improve your Brain Power

Creative Painting

Creative Painting Download
Unlock your creative ability with hypnosis.


Creativity Download
Become more creative by unleashing the power...

Enjoy Housework

Enjoy Housework Download
Be happy with housework and enjoy living in...

Great Guitar Playing

Great Guitar Playing Download
Play the Guitar like a Pro

Inner Adviser

Inner Adviser Download
Your inner adviser is here to guide you. ...

Life Changes

Life Changes Download
Gain the confidence to make the changes in...

Living Alone

Living Alone Download
Enjoy living by yourself

Make Your Dreams Come True

Make Your Dreams Come True Download
Aren't we all in charge...


Motivation Download
Has your get up and go got up and gone? ...


Patience Download
Patience is a virtue - develop it now with...

Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself Download
Achieve your full potential and create the...

Self Consciousness

Self Consciousness Download
Overcome feelings of self consciousness

Self Criticism

Self Criticism Download
Stop criticising yourself and start thinking...

Self Expectations

Self Expectations Download
Accept your limitations and stop expecting...

Settling in a New Country

Settling in a New Country Download
Settle happily into a...

Song Writing Skills

Song Writing Skills Download
Inspirational song writing

Stop Hoarding

Stop Hoarding Download
Clear the Clutter and Overcome a Habit of...

Tuning Into Emotions

Tuning Into Emotions Download
Tune into your emotions with hypnosis.

Writer's Block

Writer's Block Download
Overcome Writer's Block and let your...