Powerful Public Speaking Self Hypnosis MP3

Rachel Crawford DHP HPD LAPHP GQHP; Faith Waude DHP Acc. Hyp.

Powerful Public Speaking

Enhance your public speaking presentations with this professionally-recorded hypnosis MP3 download from Hypnotic World.*

Do you feel nervous and self-conscious when you have to stand up and speak in front of a group of people?

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Powerful Public Speaking

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Bundle includes:

  • Powerful Public Speaking MP3
  • Self Belief: Protective Shield MP3
  • Velvet Voice MP3
  • Optimal Results Listening Guide

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Powerful Public Speaking MP3

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JustineNorfolk 16th Sep, 2019

"As always a professionally written and read script. I felt more confident about what I was saying and feel more confident every time I say it."*

PaulTidworth, Hampshire 11th Apr, 2016

"I bought the MP3 download for a friend of mine, which she has used twice a day, morning and night and the comments she has given me sofar are this? 1. She already feels confident in herself about giving her presentation to over 70 people without actually giving it yet Not due for another 3 weeks. 2. Feels more comfortable when meeting new people for the first time and engaging in conversation. 3. And feels more relaxed and less stressed about how the presentation will go. 4. Overall a great feeling..."*

How do I listen to this MP3?

Once you have ordered an MP3, you will receive an email with a link where you can download the hypnosis recording as an MP3 file and listen to it whenever you wish. You can also 'burn' the MP3 onto a CD for your personal use - this will enable you to listen to the hypnosis MP3 at bed time, for example.

How long does the MP3 take to download?

This depends on the speed of your connection. For broadband users, it should take less than ten minutes to download the hypnosis MP3, while retaining the high quality of the recordings.

What software do I need to listen to the MP3?

Virtually all modern computers are capable of playing MP3s. Software such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime or Real Player will enable you to listen to hypnosis MP3s with ease.

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Hypnotic World's MP3 offerings are based on the highly popular scripts library that we have been building for many years and perfecting through experience and qualified expertise. The MP3s you download can be listened to from your computer, transferred to an MP3 player or even burned onto a CD for your listening, and you can use the MP3s as many times as you like as you see beneficial.

The Voices behind the Hypnosis

Faith Waude

Founder of Hypnotic World, Faith has been practising hypnotherapy for over ten years in Yorkshire, England, and has treated many hundreds of clients for a vast range of addictions, phobias and other issues. Read more

Stephen Armstrong

Stephen records many of the hypnosis MP3s on Hypnotic World. In his own words

* Results may vary from person to person. For peace of mind, Hypnotic World offers a 100% money-back guarantee on self-hypnosis MP3s. If you are not entirely satisfied with this MP3, simply contact us for a full refund.