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Confidence Building Hypnosis MP3 Pack

Increase your confidence with self hypnosis

Is a lack of confidence affecting your personal and private relationships? Are you struggling with your self-esteem? If so, The Confidence Building Hypnosis MP3 pack can help increase your confidence and to learn to accept yourself.

Develop confidence and positivity with these 10 self hypnosis MP3s, which are designed to help build your confidence. Learn to stand up for yourself and overcome your shyness. The downloads will increase your confidence with positive affirmations and help you to learn to be happier with yourself. Each track targets a different problem associated with developing more confidence and positivity. After you have listened to the first track over 1-2 weeks, move onto the next MP3 to experience the full power of the Confidence Building MP3 pack.

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    Confidence Building

    Increase your self-confidence with positive affirmations of self-belief and learning to value yourself.

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    Learn to be more confident and overcome your shyness by bringing out your inner potential and learning to believe in and feel good about yourself.

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    Confidence: Conference Table

    Change the way you think and feel about past events that may be contributing to your lack of confidence by reshaping those feelings.

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    Confidence at Work

    Help develop effective communication skills with people in your workplace and learn to speak up for yourself and your ideas to help gain respect from your colleagues.

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    Confidence and Positivity

    Believe and accept that you are a wonderful and amazing person. Appreciating and accepting yourself is the first step towards developing confidence and positivity.

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    Dating Confidence

    Inspire self-confidence and get rid of low self-esteem to be ready for the perfect date whether dating for the first time or getting back into the dating scene.

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    Increased Self Esteem

    Increase your self esteem by releasing negative influences from your past in order to live your life to the fullest and have a more positive outlook on life.

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    Self Belief: Protective Shield

    Feel and think differently about yourself on a subconscious level by putting up a protective shield against negative thoughts and comments.

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    Emotional Security

    Overcome jealousy, a sense of inadequacy in relationships and insecurity by improving your self-confidence and self-worth.

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    Voice Projection

    Successfully learn how to project your voice and overcome shyness so that you will always be heard.

Listen to the hypnosis MP3s for a few days each to address a different aspect of confidence, and watch both your self confidence and social confidence increase.

Customer Praise

Feedback received from customers listening to and benefiting from the individual MP3s that are in this pack:

Increased Self Esteem MP3:
"I ordered the increased self esteem hypnosis MP3 and within the first day of listening to it I felt such a huge difference in how I felt. I was like a different person and back to being positive about myself. Thank you Hypnotic World!" - Vittoria, Norfolk

Increased Self Esteem MP3:
"This audio gave me the boost I needed. I felt much more calm and confident in social interactions and when I made decisions." - Lisa, USA

Increased Self Esteem MP3:
"The first stages of relaxation are the best I have encountered, having used other well known ... hypnosis CDs in the past. These far out class them!" - Jay, South East

Increased Self Esteem MP3:
"Imaginative and effective script and good use of hypnotic language" - Dean , South Yorkshire

Confidence at Work MP3:
"Loved this recording, I went in very deep and felt very connected to all of the positive suggestions & visualisation." - Mrs , London

Download the Confidence Building Hypnosis MP3 Pack today and become a more outgoing, confident person with self hypnosis:

Download Confidence Building Hypnosis MP3 Pack

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