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Boost your self confidence and be more outgoing with this range of MP3s and CDs from Hypnotic World. Reduce your social anxieties and improve your social skills.
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10 confidence building hypnosis MP3s

Increased Self Esteem

Increased Self Esteem Download
Boost your self-image...

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Be Confident

Be Confident Download
Boost your confidence with this hypnosis...

Be More Outgoing

Be More Outgoing Download
Build your confidence and become more...

Best Man's Speech

Best Man's Speech Download
Give the Perfect Best Man's Speech

Blushing in Groups

Blushing in Groups Download
Gain control of your blushing


Bullying Download
Bullying can take place in many subtle ways...

Camera Shy

Camera Shy Download
Feel confident in front of the camera

Circle of Confidence

Circle of Confidence Download
Increase your confidence by creating your...


Confidence Download
Improve your confidence with this hypnosis...

Confidence Building

Confidence Building Download
Increase your self-confidence

Confidence Kite

Confidence Kite Download
Help your child to become more confident

Confidence at Work

Confidence at Work Download
Develop more Confidence at work

Confidence: Conference Table

Confidence: Conference Table Download
Boost your professional...

Confidence: Garden of Life

Confidence: Garden of Life Download
Explore the Garden of...

Dating Confidence

Dating Confidence Download
Increase your confidence for dating

Ego Strengthening

Ego Strengthening Download
Waiting for a long-awaited ego boost? Give...

Football Confidence

Football Confidence Download
Play football at your best with this...

Living in the Now

Living in the Now Download
Enjoy living in the Now

Making Decisions

Making Decisions Download
You've made the right decision to use...

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Download
Boost your confidence and deliver speeches...

Stop Stuttering

Stop Stuttering Download
Overcome stuttering or stammering. Have the...


Timidity Download
Overcome shyness and timidity

Voice Projection

Voice Projection Download
Project your voice in a more confident...