Secret Place

Secret Place
Secret door (Photo by © bptu -

Close your eyes and imagine being somewhere really nice. Maybe some place you've been on holiday or with your friends. (If you know the child well, you can use a particularly happy or exciting memory) I bet you can imagine it so well, it feels as if you're really there.

And you know what it's like when you think of something pleasant and exciting - you can feel really good, right now. This is your own very special place. Your secret place. It can be a magic place where anything you want to happen, can happen. You can give it a name if you want. A special, secret name. You don't even have to tell me where your special place is or what that secret name is, because it belongs to you alone. But any time you want to feel better, you can always go in your imagination to your safe, secret place. Just say the name to yourself, like your own, very secret password, then imagine being there, really safe, really good.

Notice how you feel here, in your special, secret place. You are safe, you are comfortable and you are happy. This is your own place and you can come here at any time you want to. Any time at all you can come back here. All with the power of your mind. You have a very powerful mind and you can come back here whenever you wish. Just think in you thoughts that special name, your own secret password, and you will feel wonderful again. You will feel relaxed and happy. Relaxed, and happy.

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