The Game of Football: A Visualization for Children

The Game of Football: A Visualization for Children
Football (Photo by © Mariusz Blach -

This is a great visualisation for young football enthusiasts - I used it with a 13 year old boy with lifelong enuresis and after only 5 sessions he was completely cured of a lifelong habit....

For children interested in football this can be used to improve focusing and directing the mind to achieving goals. It can be easily adapted to other sports that are of interest to the subject. Insert the name of the child's hero or role model for more impact.

"Picture yourself at a football match. You have the best seat in the stadium and it gives you a perfect view of the football pitch and all the players down there. You're wearing the colours of the team you support. It's cold but not too cold and you're comfortably wrapped up with layers and layers of clothing.

Notice who you are with - a friend - a parent or maybe even a crowd of others - and the match is past half time and your team are doing really well.

The players are running towards the ball - the crowd is cheering them on - see your favourite player (name the player) about to kick the football - the opposition are trying to get in there first - but (name) is too quick and he's kicked the ball and its going up in the air now - and across the pitch - toward the net - everyone's shouting and cheering and the goalkeeper tries to stop the ball from entering the net but he's too late - its scored - it's a goal....

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