Past Life Experience

Past Life Experience
Guy Fawkes with his conspirators (Photo by © Tony Baggett -

I trained first in hypnotherapy, but I also became a Reiki Initiate (it made me more intuitive with my hypnosis, and one night while I was giving myself healing, I found myself being guided to go into a personal soul retrieval, which is a little awkward I find to do for myself, but I went ahead anyway. I found myself feeling like I was on the RACK and knew myself to be one of the Guy Fawkes co-conspirators. I felt no pain, it was more like viewing from a camera which was my eyes, but a sense of having been utterly betrayed, that I had been trying to help out, was a spy if you like, and had still ended up with the same fate as the rest of the group. I had this hatred for a man standing at my feet and just looking at me along with the person who was in charge in the dungeon.

This took me several hours to work through, because of the slowness of being both therapist and experiencing the work, and I then deliberately did some sessions on it, where some of these perceptions above were changed, but the hatred had to be addressed, and I felt I had to forgive this person.

Since then, I have felt that sense of being chained again since, with the spiritual lesson "You're only as stuck as you make yourself, the chains are all your own choice."

This was fascinating, I didn't feel I chose it to happen, but it was the first past life experience I had.

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