Blushing: A Past Life Case History

By Chris Russell
Blushing: A Past Life Case History
Memories of being a seaman (Photo by © zhu difeng -

This past life case history was sent in by Hypnotic World subscriber Chris Russell.

My favorite past life regression was with a man who had come to see me because every time that he stood up in front of the board of directors of his company he would start blushing and shaking. This very successful business man agreed to keep an open mind on regression and went into a very deep trance. His Deep Inner Mind was taking him faster into trance than I could suggest so I just let go!

Anyway, my client went back to being a seaman on a tea clipper of the south of Cape Horn. He had been in a drunken fight with his best mate and stabbed him. I didn't mean to kill him he said. So he is up in front of the Bosun and the Captain and sentenced to be keel-hauled. You can see the connection! Since his regression he has had no problem standing up in front of his board.

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