Living With Cancer Treatment: Case History

By Victoria
Living With Cancer Treatment: Case History
Cancer treatment patient (Photo by © cleomiu -

This report was sent in by Victoria, a hypnotherapist who has been working with a cancer patient with the use of hypnosis.

Less anesthetic was used due to a relaxed physical and mental state

-hunger and thirst quickly followed surgery to keep the body functions (bladder and bowel) naturally and easily

-color in her cheeks unlike the usual drained look that matches hospital sheets

-the immediate healing of the surgical wound so as to be infection free

-less fluid drainage - 3 days instead of the usual week

-and most important for cancer patients and all patients, a positive attitude!

Again, this is really amazing for me about the pain control (she needed NO pain management in post op or for 8 hours after surgery). After only 4 days following surgery she was off all medications.

As it turns out she will need chemotherapy and we are already working together on scripts to help her through the side effects of hair loss and nausea. The power of the mind!!!

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