Write Your Own Hypnosis Scripts Guide

By Daniella Portner DHP PhD

Using effective scripts when treating clients using hypnotherapy is key to successful treatment. Learn to write your own efficient scripts for any treatment matter with Hypnotic World's exclusive 50-page guide...

What the Guide Contains:

This course will teach you all you need to know to write your own unique hypnosis scripts. Written by expert script writer, Dr. Daniella Portner, who has been writing hypnosis scripts for Hypnotic World for the last 2 years. Dr Portner now shares all her secrets of the process that she follows to compose successful hypnotherapy scripts. Your own material is copyright free. You'll learn how to record your scripts onto CDs with a step by step guide and recommended software (free).

Preparing personalized recordings for clients ensures an increased chance of success. They can listen to your CD in between sessions. Recorded cassettes can also be used, however these are becoming frequently less popular than CDs.

The course covers how to write inductions, deepeners, visualizations, bringing a client out of hypnosis - plus many of the issues that your clients will present; for example, Addictions, Phobias, Body Image, Exam Nerves, Concentration, Regression (Age & Past Life), Progression, various ideas for Psychic and Paranormal scripts, Weight issues, Confidence and lots more.

This is a quality 50-page guide, written in Verdana size 10, line and a half spacing. It is nothing like many of the eBooks available which contain huge text and lots of spaces.

The course will be emailed to you in PDF format as soon as your order comes through, however, please allow a maximum of 12 hours if you live outside the UK to take time differences into consideration.

Save Yourself Money

Once you've read this course you won't need to purchase eBooks of Hypnosis Scripts or even subscribe to Hypnotic World (although of course, we really don't want to lose your custom), the course teaches you everything you need to know, based on our own experiences and written by a team of professional Hypnotherapists.

Please note: this product is no longer available.

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