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Weight Loss Consultations Guide

The key to increasing your client success from an experienced hypnotherapist...

For any therapist involved in helping clients with weight loss, offering an effective service with successful results is paramount. Each client presents a new situation for their hypnotherapist, with issues varying from habit eating to psychological and health-related issues. Therefore, establishing a service renowned for providing what it claims is essential.

What the guide contains:

In the Weight Loss Consultations Guide, you'll find over 20 pages (42 A4 pages) of invaluable tips for hypnotherapists on designing weight loss programs and treatments uniquely suited to each client's situation:

  • Points to Cover in Consultation
  • Stress and Weight
  • Comfort Eating
  • Motivation to Lose Weight
  • Range of Weight Loss Hypnosis Scripts
  • Psychological Issues Relating to Weight
  • Offering a Money-Back Guarantee
  • Festive Eating
  • Consultation Form
  • ... and much more

How you'll benefit from these new skills:

What distinguishes one hypnotherapist from another in the eyes of clients is your ability to provide effective, affordable and sensitive treatment for the problems they present to you. While one hypnotherapist in a city may appear to offer as efficient a service as another through advertisements in the media, it is word-of-mouth recommendations which provide the most important source of clients for a therapist. If a person finds benefit from your service, they will be much more likely to refer their friends, family and work colleagues directly to you.

The Weight Loss Consultations Guide, compiled from experience by UK practising hypnotherapist, Faith Waude MHA MPHA DHP Acc. Hyp., a trainer of hypnotherapists in the UK and many other countries, will help you to evaluate the service you presently provide to clients, and discover new ways to understand clients' problems and aspects of weight issues which are often overlooked. The guide also provides effective treatments for these issues, helping you to offer a more understanding, knowledgeable and profitable service in your area.

As a hypnotherapist or newcomer to helping with weight loss, you can obtain the Weight Loss Consultations Guide, for a one-off price below.

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Customer Testimonials

Fred (Derbyshire) wrote:15th Feb, 2016

"Guide covers everything needed to know"

Would order again? Yes, I'm planning to

 5 stars

Anonymous (Columbus Ohio ) wrote:8th Jan, 2014

"It was very informative and concise in matters dealing with clients that want to lose weight. I can hardly wait to put these ideas into practice. I find all of your material well written and worth every penny."

Would order again? Yes, I'm planning to

 5 stars

Jenny (Australia) wrote:11th Jan, 2013

"This was just perfect for a 4th session for a Weight loss client...I've had scripts for the previous sessions and was looking for new metaphors and a different angle, and a variation on my usual inductions, so thank you!"

Would order again? Yes, I'm planning to

 5 stars

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