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Book of Hypnosis Scripts Volume Four

56 quality hypnosis scripts

A selection of some of the very best scripts from Hypnotic World are now available in beautifully bound books - the perfect gift for any hypnotherapist - at a price you can afford.

This new publication contains a collection of scripts from Hypnotic World in a high quality bound book. They are ideal for anyone needing to use Hypnotic World's scripts in their practice or for browsing away from a computer.

  • Bells Palsy (2) Relaxation
  • Better Posture
  • Binge Drinking
  • Blue Cave Visualization
  • Bruxism Relaxation
  • Building Muscle Mass Visualization
  • Caffeine Addiction
  • Cheek or Chin Suggestibility Test
  • Confidence Kite
  • Deepener - Lagoon
  • Deepener - Stairway to Heaven
  • Deepener - The Star
  • Dysmenorrhea (Painful Periods) Relaxation
  • Disposaphobia (Throwing Things Away)
  • Diverticulitis Relaxation
  • Excessive Sweating Relaxation
  • Eye Surgery
  • Fear of Being Alone
  • Fear of Commitment
  • Fear of Death
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Motorway Driving
  • Frigidity
  • Hay Fever Relaxation
  • Herpes with Peppermint Pain Relaxation
  • Insomnia - Black Door Relaxation
  • IVF Relaxation
  • Lottery Winner Visualization
  • Negativity
  • Nicer Nails Visualization
  • Odds Even Induction
  • Opposition Defiance Disorder
  • Penis Enhancement Visualization
  • Play Better Rugby Union Visualization
  • Pre Menstrual Syndrome Relaxation
  • Prostate Cancer Relaxation
  • Rainbow Regression
  • Running / Jogging
  • Sea Sickness Relaxation
  • Seven Steps Induction
  • Silver Sack (Negative Emotions)
  • Slimmer You
  • Smoking Aversion
  • Social Phobia
  • Space Odyssey Timeline
  • Speed Reading Visualization
  • Stopping Smoking Script
  • Successful Interviews
  • Thumb Sucking (Adults)
  • Train Journey Timeline

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“I find the selection of scripts provided excellent. I am enjoying going through them. I have used several so far on my clients and they work a treat.”

John O'Toole

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