Book of Past Life Regression Scripts

Rediscover your past lives with this Book of Past Life Regression Scripts. A selection of some of the very best regression scripts from Hypnotic World - the perfect gift for any Hypnotherapist - at a price you can afford.

The book is available in a downloadable format and as a printed book, and contains 16 regression scripts, 2 inductions and 2 hypnotic deepeners for use in regressing your clients.

Scripts include:

  • Affect Bridge Technique
  • The Book of Time
  • The Celebration
  • Christos Technique
  • Crystal Revelation
  • Earth Magic
  • The Hall of Mirrors
  • The Hidden Files
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Karma
  • Karmic Journey
  • Life Script
  • Path of Life
  • Psychic Drawing
  • Stepping Into The Light
  • The Tree of Life

This book allows you to mix and match whichever induction and deepener you or your clients feel comfortable with in order to create the perfect atmosphere for your hypnosis session.

Customer Testimonial

The scripts are brilliant. I have seen one or two of these before (and used them successfully) but there is a good selection and they are very well written including sensible advice on using the techniques.

Jane R, Cheshire

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